World Cup Draw

The day is finally here.

We’ll find out in just a few hours who will be Argentina’s first round opponents in the World Cup.

Will Argentina once again be in the group of death?


Will Argentina catch a break this time and have a more “accessible” group?

A few things that are certain.

One of the two African teams that will be drawn first will go in Argentina’s group. Depending on the team that could be good or bad.

There will be one European team drawn into Argentina’s group and that also could be good or bad depending on the team.

Today is a big day.

How does everybody feel about the draw?

Will it be a good day for Argentina?


30 minutes to go before the start of the world cup draw.

It’s really hard to contain the nerves I’m sure everyone is feeling right now.


The first team will be drawn at 12:55pm Eastern Time.


To watch the world cup draw coverage from Buenos Aires Live, click on the CANAL 7 link under the WATCH FUTBOL ARGENTINO LIVE section of the blog.


Argentina is the top seed in Group B


Argentina’s first group opponent is:

South Korea


Argentina’s second group opponent is:



Argentina’s third group opponent is:



Here it is:


15 Responses to World Cup Draw

  1. Chris says:

    Im extremely nervous and excited at the same time, although since I dont have high hopes with Diego being coach, and him not knowing about tactics and what not, I dont expect the WC to be any easier then the qualifiers were for us. I hope to God we do a complete 360, but I dont see it happening.
    as for the draw, it just seems like we are the one’s that get stuck in the “group of death” every WC, and great teams like Brazil always end up in a group with Korea, and teams that we all know will lose against Brazil, so I dont knw what to think anymore..
    For all the crap that Messi is going thru at the moment, and not being in good form, I actually have high hopes for him this coming WC, maybe he’ll find someone he connects with and finally wakes up.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I feel the same way as you do about the draw and about Maradona.

    Can Argentina win the world cup inspite of Maradona?

    Can Argentina overcome the large obstacle of having an incompetent coach?

    In my opinion, looking at things now, seven months before the start of the world cup, I would say that it’ll will be an achievement for Argentina to make it to the second round.

    As far as Brazil.

    They usually have the easiest of groups.

    Is that just an ongoing coincidence?

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Considering his club form and with all the awards that he’s receiving going in to the world cup, you would think that everything is in place for Messi to be the star of the world cup but sadly that is not the case.

    Unless some miraculous act happens before the world cup and Maradona suddenly figures out how to build a team, have a system in place, establish a set tactical formation, a set lineup and surround Messi with players that can consistently deliver balls to him and bring out the best in him, it will be a quick exit in the world cup for Messi and Argentina.

  4. Chris says:

    Let me ask you this Pintadoazul,
    Not sure if you’ve ever listed it before, but what would be YOUR ideal line up ???

    starting with Coach.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Coach – Bielsa

    And I don’t choose him because of the great job he’s done with Chile. I was hugely disappointed when he quit after the 2004 Olympics. He’s a very knowledegable coach, a motivator, highly intelligent, honest and a class act. It’s no wonder that all of his former players speak so highly of him.

    An ideal lineup?

    GK – Romero

    D – Gonzalo Rodriguez
    D – Demichelis
    D – Samuel

    M – Zanetti
    M – Mascherano
    M – Banega
    M – DiMaria

    M – Aimar

    F – Messi
    F – Higuain

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    How about you Chris?

    Who’s in your ideal world cup team?

  7. Chris says:

    i have to agree with you 100% on Bielsa,
    I always thought he’s been a great coach, I actually was interviewed for a news cast when I was on vacation in Rosario asking me what I thought about him, and en el Centro, there was this big type of protest asking bielsa not to quit, it was amazing.

    Im not gonna lie to you, it matches to what you say, the only one I would add on there is, Zabaleta. I think this guy is the best we have on the right, besides Zanetti, I just wish Zanetti was 5 yrs younger, i swear he is a machine, I have to say he is one of the few that people talk good about, and still plays amazing..

    now… the ones I would LIKE to see be called up for the squad???

    Milito (if he recovers his form soon)
    Garay, Pareja, zabaleta, banega, Zarate, Saviola(he’s been ripping it in Benfica) Lucas Barrios and I actually like Monzon, this guy really surprises me when he plays, not as fast as sorin was, but he’s got great crossings, and always seems like he has great control of the ball.

    I guess this is my favorites, im sure alot will disagree, but I know we have world class players, I just wish they show it on the NT !

  8. ArgenPool says:

    Here we go then, agree with the above, Milito if back fully fit has to go with the defensive squad. Looking at the possibilities, last 16 at least, but thats not good enough for us, lets go boys!!!

  9. Chris says:


    so how does everyone feel about the group ????
    only one Im actually mostly worried about is Nigeria, they always give it their all when they play against us..
    not sure how Greece has been doing.
    but the way Argentina has been playing this past year, i wouldn’t be surprised is S.Korea beat us !
    sorry guys, im trying to stay positive here.

  10. pintadoazulblanco says:

    All things considered, a good draw for Argentina.

    If we can’t beat South Korea and Greece……..well, then we don’t deserve to go far in the world cup.

  11. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I would sure hate to be a Uruguay or Mexico fan today.

  12. pintadoazulblanco says:

    and the host country gets the toughest group……i’m sure that went over well with the FIFA higher ups…..

  13. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Ole is already bragging that Argentina will start the world cup in the second round.

    That kind of attitude is very premature and arrogant.

  14. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Two teams again from the 1994 World Cup:

    Nigeria & Greece

  15. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Argentina will have a tough opening game:

    June 12th – Nigeria

    June 17th – South Korea

    June 22nd – Greece

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