Argentina among top seeds in World Cup 2010

Despite the terrible WC qualifying campaign and despite everything else that’s gone wrong, Argentina will be a top seed in the World Cup.

Argentina among top seeds in World Cup 2010

Finally, Argentina is one of the seeded teams in the upcoming 2010 World Cup, FIFA said today.

To determine the eight groups of four teams each for the 2010 World Cup, there will be a final draw.

The top seeds are heads (Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, South Africa and France, if they qualify).

The final draw will take place on Friday 4 December in Cape Town with the presence of Argentine coach Diego Maradona.

Being among those top eight seeds would make a huge difference and the path to the final 16 would be much easier for those teams.

The global areas for South Africa 2010 were as follows.

Pot 1

South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, France / Netherlands

Pot 2

Netherlands, Portugal / Bosnia, Russia / Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece v Ukraine, Serbia, Denmark.


Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt-Algeria, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay / Costa Rica

Pot 4

Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico and Honduras.


2 Responses to Argentina among top seeds in World Cup 2010

  1. Daniel Meara says:

    A most laughable seeding. They play with all the confusion of their coach’s addled thinking. This unfair seeding will not allow they to get to the final 16.

  2. Humbird says:

    Ridiculous. But then again, everything Fifa does is ridiculous. We did nothing to deserve being seeded.

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