Zarate threatens to play for Italy

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mauro Zarate’s brother & agent said that if Zarate is not called up by Maradona, he will consider an offer made by the Italian football federation to play for their national team.

Zarate has an Italian passport which would clear the way for him to play for Italy.

I’ve been a Zarate fan since his days with Velez and I understand his frustration about not being called up but he is 22 years old and like every other player, he should be patient and wait his turn.

If Zarate decides to play for Italy it would be disappointing but I don’t think it’ll be a huge loss for Argentina.

Argentina has alot of forwards to choose from and currently has two of the best in Messi & Higuain, who are the same age as Zarate.

Mauro Zárate amenaza con nacionalizarse italiano

Sergio, su hermano y representante, sostuvo que si Maradona no lo convoca, analizarán una propuesta de la federación italiana; además se quejó por las aspiraciones de Lazio en el Calcio y Europa

Mauro Zárate analiza la posibilidad de nacionalizarse italiano | AP ROMA

Italia (AP).- El atacante argentino Mauro Zárate, que tiene pasaporte italiano, está dispuesto a jugar por Italia si el técnico de la selección argentina Diego Armando Maradona no lo convoca, según afirmó su representante Sergio Zárate, hermano del jugador.

“Un dirigente de la federación italiana de fútbol ya nos contactó y si Maradona no lo llama, tomaremos en consideración esta hipótesis´´, afirmó el representante este miércoles en la Gazzetta dello Sport.

Sin embargo, según el periódico, de la selección italiana “llegan solo desmentidos´´.

El atacante además amenazó con dejar la Lazio por la mala campaña que está cumpliendo en el campeonato italiano, donde se encuentra en la parte baja de la tabla de posiciones.

Zárate, de 22 años y quien firmó un contrato con la Lazio hasta 2014, envió un mensaje telefónico al presidente del club, Claudio Lotito, en que le dijo que “o la Lazio crece o me voy´´, según la Gazzetta dello Sport.

Su hermano señaló que “Mauro no está contento, no se lo esperaba tener que luchar por no descender, Lotito nos había asegurado que había construido un equipo de Liga de Campeones, pero después no hizo nada para mejorarlo, por el contrario, lo debilitó´´.

“En el momento debido, veremos si existen las condiciones para continuar adelante y evaluaremos los ofrecimientos que le harán al presidente´´, señaló al diario deportivo italiano.

El delantero, que ha marcado sólo dos goles, se ha mostrado particularmente incómodo cuando no ha sido incluido en el equipo titular o cuando lo sustituyen y fue particularmente crítico con los hinchas que pifiaron al equipo el domingo pasado en el encuentro que la Lazio perdió en el estadio Olímpico de Roma 2-1 con el Milan.

Tras 12 fechas, Lazio tiene 11 puntos, producto de dos victorias, cinco empates y cinco derrotas.


4 Responses to Zarate threatens to play for Italy

  1. ArgenPool says:

    Its always going to be difficult to get in with some of the quality on offer already…. having said that, I feel for the lad when he sees the likes of Palermo being called up ahead of him. His choice, stick it out and prove your worthy or take the easy option of joining a poor Italian set up.

  2. Chris says:

    I honestly think he’s rediculous if he’s really stating this..

    Im a firm beleiver, if you decide to play for another country because your country hasn’t given you a call up yet, then you dont deserve to wear our Jersey.
    To me thats a disrespect, and obviously “no traspiras las camiseta” !!!

    the guy is still young, and he also is not consistant.. great player, dont get me wrong.
    same goes to all the argentines who’s decided to play for other countries, I have no respect for them, such as Franco, etc…
    Higuain is a great example, the guy has been dying to play for the Team, and was very patient, until finally he gets a call up..
    I would love to see Zarate on the field with the rest of the guys, one of my favorite players, but to go and say you’ll consider to play for another country,is just wrong… I also dont understand why Diego doesn’t call him, if we all see Aguero and Tevez have not been consistant lately, why not give him a shot ?
    I can only imagine what is going thru diego’s head now, he’ll probably never call him up now for threatening to play for italy..

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with both comments.

    Zarate’s frustration is understandable considering the many call ups that under-achieving players like Tevez, Aguero, and Milito have received and continue to receive.


    His WC qualifying campaign saving goal against Peru notwithstanding, I don’t think that it can be seriously argued that he belongs on the WC squad.

    Zarate is only 22 years old and needs to calm down. If he plays it smart he might end up getting a call up sooner than he thinks but he could be getting bad advice from his brother who is also his agent.

    That Zarate is even considering playing for Italy is indicative, at least to me, that he is not getting good career advice from his agent.

    I agree with Chris about not having respect for players that choose to play for other national teams.

    Actually, I don’t care when its mediocre players like Guillermo Franco and Jonathan Santana but it bothers me more when its quality players like Trezeguet and Camoranesi.

    All in all, I don’t respect players that choose to represent a shirt they don’t love and feel in their hearts just to get a chance to play in a world cup.

    Chris mentioned Pipita Higuain. It is a perfect example.

    Higuain turned down the French national team several times, he hung in there, waited for his opportunity to play for Argentina and he eventually got it.

    I’m sure the news about Zarate will not go over well with Maradona.

  4. Argentinafan says:

    i also think a major difference is that Domenench tried to get higuain to play for france by calling him up to play against argentina in a friendly back in 2007 and he refused. he even tried to get him to wear trezeguet’s old shirt number. from what i gather about zarate’s situation is that he is instigating a lot of the talk.

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