Crespo scores twice in Serie A win

Hernan Crespo scored two goals in Genoa’s 4-2 win over Siena.

Crespo has scored 5 goals so far in the Serie A season.

6 Responses to Crespo scores twice in Serie A win

  1. Humbird says:

    Are you watching, Diego?

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I’m pretty sure he is but will it matter.

    That’s the question.

    If Crespo stays in good form this season I think it would be a good move to have him on the world cup squad. I think he should be considered ahead of Palermo, Tevez and Aguero.

    Crespo is a proven goal scorer with the Argentina shirt.

    Form and history are on his side.

    What arguments can be made against him?

  3. Humbird says:

    You seem to imply that logic and reasoning go into Maradona’s decision making process. You are a very silly person.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I didn’t imply that at all.

    What I said was that I’m sure Maradona is aware of Crespo’s current form but I’m not sure if that will matter to Maradona, if it’ll matter enough for Crespo to get called up.

    It should be obvious to everyone that logic and reasoning do not figure in Maradona’s decision making process.

    I think if Crespo ends up having a good season he should definitely be considered for the world cup squad but it will probably not happen because Maradona will instead choose his friends Tevez, Palermo and his son in law.

    It’ll be a great day when he is no longer the national team manager.

  5. Humbird says:

    I know that. I was teasing you. 😉

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:


    Never mind then 🙂

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