Classic Argentina Goals – #3

Maxi Rodriguez

2006 World Cup.

Simply Breathtaking.

Simply Magnificent.

7 Responses to Classic Argentina Goals – #3

  1. Chris says:

    Next to Diego’s famous goal from back in 86 when he ran from mid field, I have to say this is in the same catagory. One of the most amazing goals I’ve ever seen, especially in a WC.

    What I find hilarious is the fact that, all my mexican friends, I ask them if they are familiar with Maxi R.? and i kid u not, they all respond with, “how could we not? he’s the one who eliminated us from the WC 06″… LOL, all the Mexicans will never forget about that for the rest of their lives.

    off the subject, I dont knw about anyone else out there, but where im from (Souther Cali) the majority of Mexicans can not stand us… they all say we are big headed and very conceded (which i dont doubt) but i feel its all about the “game”… and to be honest with you, its very annoying !! every time Arg plays Mexico in a friendly match out here in S. Cali, it is nearly impossible to go watch a match and enjoy urself.. I went once when i was 16, and lets just put it this way, I wll never go again when its against mexico..
    and it really sucks, cuz Argentina hardley ever come out here.
    No offense to the mexicans please… the majority of my friends out here are !

    so yeah, one of my favorite goals of all time, I honestly get the chills every time i watch it.. takes me back to that moment of the game.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    This goal for me is easily in the top 3 of greatest Argentina goals in world cup history.

    An absolute masterpiece and one of the most thrilling world cup moments ever.

    Chris, I found your other comment interesting.

    I don’t usually delve into this sort of subject matter on the blog but since you shared your thoughts on it, I’d like to share mine as well.

    Being from NYC and from an Argentine family I have an extensive amount of experience interacting with, having friendships with and knowing a wide range of Latinos including Mexicans even though they don’t consider themselves Latinos which is hilarious and absurd but I won’t get into that and get sidetracked.

    As you said, Mexicans in general do not like Argentine people. The same goes for our national team.

    Here’s my point of view:

    Out of all people in Latin America, Mexicans and even those of Mexican descent are the most nationalistic. That particular thinking and attitude is carried over into sports, especially football.

    Because of the Mexican national team’s track record of losing to Argentina, a mix of anger, frustration, and animosity has build up and taken hold.

    Also, there’s no other way to say the following so I won’t sugar coat it:

    Mexicans are envious of Argentina’s footballing history, winning tradition, footballing talent and football culture.

    It is something they wish they had but have never had and still do not have.

    For feverishly nationalistic fans as the Mexican fans are, it is a very bitter pill to swallow.

    Then there’s the interaction with Argentine fans.

    As we all know, Argentine fans are very passionate and loud. During games they love to sing songs in support of the national team and also songs that make fun of and taunt opposing fans. It’s all part of the fan culture in Argentina.

    Since Mexicans are not born into the same fan culture as Argentines, it is insulting and infuriating to them to be serenaded in the manner that they are by Argentines during games.

    It reinforces to Mexicans the stereotype of Argentines as being arrogant.

    Are there Argentines that are arrogant?


    And there are Argentines that do feed into the stereotype.

    But when its all said and done it is just like all other stereotypes. There’s an element of truth in it but it is mostly that, just a stereotype.

    I remember back during the 1986 world cup final that the majority of fans in the Azteca were rooting for Germany and I remember all the celebrating done by the Mexicans when Germany scored the game tying goal.

    Being quite young at that time, I was completely baffled by the attitude of the Mexicans against Argentina but as the years passed by I’ve gained a better understanding of it.

    Mexicans animosity towards Argentines is born out of their teams failures against Argentina and their desire for their football to have the success and prestige that Argentine football has.

    There are Argentines that fan the flames of that animosity, without a doubt, but most of it, I believe, is self generated by the Mexicans.

    Mexican nationalism is constantly at odds with their losing football history.

    With no team success to wrap their nationalism around, they choose to direct their anger and frustrations irrationally and towards other people, often times Argentines.

  3. Chris says:

    Pintadoazul….. no one could say it better then what you just said.. I agree with you 100%, please accept my apology to everyone if my statement opens up a can of worms, it was Just a comment.
    like i said the first time, the majority of my friends are mexicans, so no offense to the mexicans or anyone else.. I just wish at times the animosity would stop, and maybe/hopefully understand the Argentines, of how passionate we are about our Team.
    I totally agree, Argentines can be arrogent at times, but no one will understand the love and passion we all have for this sport !
    thanks again Pintadoazul for commenting… great comment.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:


    I don’t think you need to apologize for your statement.

    You shared a personal experience with everyone on the blog.

    As far as the animosity Mexicans feel towards Argentinos. It is what it is.

    We can’t expect other people to understand the passion and love we feel deeply for our Albiceleste.

    I don’t and I like it like that.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s not about arrogance.

    It’s about pride and love for the Argentina shirt.

    We have every right to feel that way.

    The glorious history of Argentine football is in our blood.

    You either have it or you don’t.

    We obviously have it and don’t ever need to apologize for it.

    Finally, I DO NOT CARE what Argentina haters think.

    Never have, never will.

  5. Humbird says:

    It’s not just against Argentina. The Mexican fans behave the same way against USA fans. Mexican behavior has been despicable over years, including booing the US national anthem IN THE UNITED STATES, and dropping cups of vomit on US players.

    I would never go to a match where Mexico was playing. Their fans have no class whatsoever.

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Very True.

    I remember seeing several USA-Mexico games in which the Mexican fans were throwing bags filled with urine at the USA players. And those games were played in the United States too.

  7. Humbird says:

    It will continue until US soccer clamps down on it. I don’t care if they have to clear out the stadium, those Mexican fans who throw filth at players and who can’t keep their mouths shut during the playing of the national anthem of the country they are in, should be thrown out.

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