Tango song for Messi


Tango theme composed to honor Lionel Messi

The Argentine star of Spanish club Barcelona has his own song “More than a crack” (Más que un crack), creation of bandoneon player Marcelo Mercadante and journalist/poet Pablo Marchetti, head of the magazine ‘Barcelona’.

Long time friends, Mercadante and Marchetti, share a passion for tango and football. They are fans of San Lorenzo de Almagro, but in this case, Lionel Messi, a Barcelona player was the inspiration.

“More than a crack,” has music indigenous to the land of Messi, which in turn mixes with Catalan traces.

A way to find a single song between the two homelands of the Argentine player who in Barcelona feels at home.

The authors released in 2007 the excellent album ‘Suburbios del alma’ (Acqua Records), a fruitful collaboration of music and lyrics in the tradition of creative tango.

It included the participation of prestigious voices such as Lidia Borda, Omar Mollo, Spanish singer Martirio, flamenco singer Miguel Poveda and troubadour Alejandro del Prado, in addition to the bandoneon of Leopoldo Federico and Uruguayan Hugo Fattoruso.


One Response to Tango song for Messi

  1. Humbird says:

    oh shit. I thought it said “Messi on crack”

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