Saviola scores twice in Portuguese League win

Javier Saviola is in great form with Benfica, scoring goals in the Europa League and in Portugal.

Two more goals yesterday in Benfica’s 6-1 win over Nacional.

2 Responses to Saviola scores twice in Portuguese League win

  1. Chris says:

    whats everyones thoughts on el Conejito??

    I have to say, ever since he debuted in River, he was always one of my favorite players..
    does anyone think he cuts it for the NT??
    Im proud of the guy, scoring goals again.
    but if he were to be called up again, we’re back to square one, with a bunch of “little ones” upfront.
    who would he replace if he was in the line up?
    I think Di Maria always has to start, he’s becoming a great player, possibly one of the futures best, if he keeps his form, he links up well with Saviola and Aimar..

    whats everyone think ?

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Considering Saviola’s current form he is deserving of at least a callup.

    What have Tevez, Aguero, Milito done to deserve continuing callups?

    Right now, I would like to see Messi and Higuain upfront but I would like for Saviola to get another opportunity with the national team.

    I don’t view Saviola’s size as an issue.

    He’s a proven goal scorer. Argentina certainly needs more players like that in the lineup.

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