Maradona appearance on TV show

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Maradona appeared on the Argentine Channel 7 program, “6 7 8”.

Maradona talked about the attacks on him by the Argentine media after his controversial press conference, about Bilardo, Veron, the difficulties of being a national team manager, how he chooses players, and the rumors that Bilardo made the substitutions against Uruguay.

4 Responses to Maradona appearance on TV show

  1. Aimar80 says:

    Shame!!! I dont understand Spanish!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Maradona attacked Bilardo several times on the show and said the following:

      – Bilardo is a manager that surpasses his role as national team coordinator

      – Bilardo has been working behind the scenes with powerful people in the Argnetine media to overthrow Grondona so that he could become AFA president

      – Bilardo should not be on the field during games, his place should be in the stands watching the games alongside Grondona

      – He is going to have long talks with the leaders on the team like Veron, Mascherano, Heinze, Messi

      – After speaking with those players he’ll talk with Grondona and start focusing on the world cup

      – Every player will have to show him and the coaching staff that they can withstand a world cup, withstand getting along among themselves, withstand injuries, form a good group and help each other out

  2. Ricardo Vara says:

    Hello! I’m writing you from Portugal. I also have a blog ( and I’m a FC Porto supporter. We had Lucho and Lisandro (two fantastic players!), but this year the argentines players in Porto are not so good. Mariano Gonzalez was sent off agains APOEL and Tomás Costa is injured. We have great expectations for Diego Valeri. He looks a good real player and he just needs more chances. I hope you enjoy my blog. Leave a message there.
    Best regards
    Ricardo Vara

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Hello Ricardo!

    Even though Porto received alot of money, the club should’ve held on to Lisandro & Lucho.

    As you know they were a very important part of Porto’s championship winning teams.

    I’ve never been a fan of Mariano Gonzalez. I think he played his best football with Racing and since then he has not been able to establish himself in Europe.

    Valeri, on the other hand, is a very promising player. I hope his career takes off with Porto.

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