Argentine club president demands Maradona’s resignation

Daniel Vila requested Maradona’s resignation

The chairman of Channel America and of club Independiente Rivadavia of Mendoza, Daniel Vila, asked today in a letter sent to AFA that the coach of Argentinian football, Diego Armando Maradona, resigned.

“Qualifying was very important for Argentina. “Congratulations to the leadership and the squad,” said Vila, without mentioning or highlighting the achievement for Maradona.

“Although from the institutional point of view, what happened was unfortunate,” said the businessman bluntly, referring to such rude comments uttered by Maradona at yesterday’s news conference.

“Sports have to serve as an example, they should be a model for society to follow”. “What Maradona said yesterday was very severe, no Argentine felt identified,” said Vila.

And for that reason he submitted a letter to AFA’s executive committee to consider the possibility of rescinding Maradona’s contract.

He praised the players once more, whom he congratulated for not sticking to Maradona’s stuck up comments.

“As the president of an affiliated club I submitted a letter to AFA to consider cancelling Maradona’s, for his serious misconduct” and he ended emphatically, “This is a global scandal that Argentina didn’t deserve.”


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