Argentine media strikes back – Part 2

Toti Pasman, the reporter that Maradona insulted in yesterday’s press conference, and Roberto Leto on the war that’s erupted between Maradona and the Argentine media.


Toti Pasman answered Maradona back

After the national team’s agony to qualify for the World Cup, Diego Maradona made controversial statements, where among all his outburst, he had a personal one with America’s journalist “Toti” Pasman.

“You have a dick up your arse,” said Maradona to Pasman in reference to the criticisms the journalist made about the team’s performance in recent matches.

Today at noon, the journalist had his right to reply on America’s news program where he said:

“Diego has no self-criticism in football. This morning, even Grondona talked to the press and backed him. For that reason I think there’s a hard chance he’ll apologize. AFA should apologize because Maradona didn’t just attack me but all journalists who were there, and a whole society saw it,” he said.

Last night, the journalist had said that Maradona was a fearful coach. And that the changes he had made were to back down and tie the match, and that he ended up winning just by chance.

Toti said that he’s very calm and that he’d like to interview Maradona:

“I still ask him for an interview to talk everything over. I’ll keep on giving my opinion on the team’s performance because I’m a journalist”, he concluded.


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