Maradona press conference

A very interesting post-game press conference in which Maradona goes at it with a reporter, then takes the time to blast the Argentine media and is asked about Veron’s post-game comment.

Veron said after the game there was not much to celebrate because everything is bad, from Grondona on down.


16 Responses to Maradona press conference

  1. Humbird says:

    It’s a good thing, I guess, that we have eight months to get this mess straightened out.

  2. chris says:

    yeah, real cute…
    In my life, i have never heard any “coach” (if thats what u actually call him) say “que la chupen”…
    truely unbelievable, and totatlly unprofessional, what a fucking embarrassment !…
    as much as i want this guy to succeed, i cant stand him anymore !

    Vamos Argentina todavia, im proud of them, like Humbird said, hopefully we CAN get all this mess straightened out.. starting with Diego..

    Pintadoazul, is there any possible way you can post all the highlights (if any) of the game soon ?
    Thanks, i would appreciate it.

    talk to everyone soon.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right.

    It was really vulgar and disgusting.

    There are ways to answer your critics but not like that.

    He has no class, intelligence and education.

    This is the person who is representing the national team to the world.

    Simply Grotesque.

  4. El Tincho says:

    Bullshit! Maradona has always been like that, all these journalists used to invite him to their programs and loved him when he was telling jokes and anecdotes and bla, bla and he alwyas talked like that. He is not Borges. We are in and that what counts, DieGOD!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      It’s true that he’s always been like that but the point is that he still thinks and conducts himself like a player and was very wrong for saying what he said last night.

      A national team manager cannot speak in such a vulgar, undignified manner.

      A national team manager represents more than a team, he represents an entire country and projects an image to the world.

      Maradona was obviously in a vengeful mood last night but he could have responded to his critics forcefully but with class and intelligence.

      As we all know those are attributes that Maradona does not possess.

      Despite all his wealth and fame he still acts like he is from the slums.

  5. Humbird says:

    I have to agree with El Tincho. Maradona has always been like that. As long as he was a winner, nobody said anything about it. But he has always been trashy. IMO there’s no lower form of human life than a man who abandons his son.

  6. Chris says:

    I dont argue your point of view El Tincho, but i find it very unprofessional and idiotic for our “National Team Coach” to say things like that on TV.
    I understand he’s Diego, but come on, he’s suppose to lead by example..
    I know the guy has never took anyone’s bullshit, but there comes a time where sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and let the action and players on the field do all the talking..
    this guy is representing our country, as much as other countries like Mexico etc hate us, it makes us look even worse !

  7. lili says:

    Can you expect anything less from him. I just hope everything does get straightened out. I’m glad for the players and the Argentine fans.

    Go ARGENTINA 2010…………

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    One last point.

    There are people in the Argentine media that have been critical of Maradona. And with very good reason.

    There’ve been people that have been over the top with their criticisms.

    But, the fact is that Maradona has alot of friends in the Argentine media.

    And the fact is, that the majority of the Argentine media has not been overly critical of him. The majority of the media has handled Maradona with kid gloves.

    The majority of the Argentine media does not have the courage to be really critical of Maradona and say the things that need to be said about Maradona’s performance as national team manager.

    Most of what passes as criticism of Maradona in the Argentine media is watered down, empty worded analysis.

    The media treatment of Maradona in Argentina today has changed very little from when he was a player.

    The majority of writers and TV commentators watch what they write and say about him in order to avoid upsetting Maradona, to avoid being on his bad side, avoid being on his enemies list.

  9. el che says:

    I know it is obvious that he’s been always what it could be called “straight and upfront” when talking to the press, but everybody, specially the press used to laugh at anything he would say, maybe, because he was young and a winner, but I think that what he doesn’t realize now is that he is not anymore at that stage… He has to finally understand that the whole argentinian country is expecting him to show some sign of maturity!.
    He is not anymore the player, the winner…now we would like to see the Maradona grown up!…the couch of a futbol power… Or at least what it used to be until before he was selected as the couch… It seems impossible!.
    He is so stuborn, arrogant, inmature and ignorant!… It is impossible to imagine that instead of making the whole world press talk about Argentina’s qualification to the world cup…no!…he did it again!…the whole world talking about Maradona’s vulgarities!… Amazing!…I just hope the world understands that Maradona is not the mirror of Argentina’s society…he is the mirror of Argentina’s government!…I hope he grows someday…but it seems impossible.

  10. El Tincho says:

    Maradona is the mirror of no one, sorry. Nobody ever lived a life like his.

  11. miguel ( ARGENTINA ) says:

    vamos argentina Sé que es obvio que él ha sido siempre lo que se podría llamar “recta y por adelantado” al hablar con la prensa, pero todo el mundo, especialmente la prensa se reían de cualquier cosa que él diría, tal vez, porque era joven y un ganador, pero creo que lo que no se da cuenta ahora es que ya no es en ese momento … Él finalmente tiene que entender que el país entero espera argentino que le muestre algún signo de su madurez.
    Él ya no es el jugador, el ganador … ahora nos gustaría ver el Maradona crecido! … El sofá de un poder futbol … o al menos lo que solía ser, hasta antes de que él fue seleccionado como el sofá … ¡Parece imposible! .
    Él es tan stuborn, arrogante, inmaduros e ignorantes! … Es imposible imaginar que en lugar de hacer la prensa del mundo entero hablan de calificación de Argentina a la Copa del Mundo … no! … Lo hizo de nuevo! … Todo el mundo hablando de vulgaridades de Maradona ! … Amazing! … Sólo espero que el mundo entienda que Maradona no es el espejo de la sociedad de la Argentina … es el espejo de gobierno de Argentina! … Espero que algún día crece … pero parece imposible.

  12. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona ya esta cerca de los 50 años.

    Sigue igual.


    Alguien cree que va cambiar a esta altura?

  13. vivian says:

    Diego, is an ass, hopefully people will understand that not all Argentine’s are the same, he has always been very slummy, he let his country down, when he was involved with drugs. Diego, is jacked up, and he shouldn’t be in the position he is in

  14. mslc20111 says:

    He never left our country down!!!!
    He was ill and he is recovered, and as a brother we will protect him in the good and the bad times!!!
    He has given as moments of glory and a lot of love…
    at times we had cry for him , or we celebrate together and shoW the world that we could survive and stand up from ashes again…
    This is what sports should be about…
    He is not offending any body is genuine and sincere in his feeling and we accept him the way he is

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