Starting lineup against Uruguay

Maradona had the lineup below in today’s practice session.

Barring any last minute changes the starting lineup against Uruguay will be:

GK – Sergio Romero
D – Nicolás Otamendi
D – Rolando Schiavi
D – Martín Demichelis
D – Gabriel Heinze
M – Jonás Gutiérrez
M – Javier Mascherano
M – Juan Sebastián Verón
M – Angel Di María
F – Gonzalo Higuaín
F – Lionel Messi


4 Responses to Starting lineup against Uruguay

  1. clist123abc says:

    wow – another unbalanced lineup. I should say i’m surprised but everything about Diego’s reign has been surprising. At least he’ll start DiMaria.

    Some glaring mistakes:
    – playing 2 center halves in the fullback positions. why is otamendi slotted at right back when he doesn’t play there for velez? how will a 36 year old cope with the pace of uruguayans pumped up for a win? why isn’t insua playing at left back? After seeing Heinze slip and fall twice in the space of 10 minutes i doubt Heinze will be a bigger improvement.
    – Jonas is still in this team? Is the only way he won’t be in teh XI if he gets red carded? maybe i’m blind to his ability. Veron is under Aimar at the moment but at least it’s a playmaker for playmaker change.
    – Why is Messi still starting? Unless both Mascherano and Gago (or another defensive midfielder) are behind him winning the ball and quickly giving it to him i don’t see how he can flourish in this type of lineup – Veron will get the ball from the midfield and Messi will likely disappear yet again. Tevez deserves a shot to show whether he can complement Higuain yet he’s on the bench.

    Ultimately the lineup isn’t the issue as much as the squad selection. How in the world did the AFA certify Diego’s selection when they first saw it? Pure madness! I can understand if you call up 3 players per a position to weigh your options but not calling up at least 1 right back, and 1 right winger who play those positions at club level is unbelievably stupid.

    If Argentina makes it to South Africa it will be in spite of Diego but once they’re there if they don’t bring in a balanced squad they won’t make many waves.

    Oddly enough this sorta reminds me of Brazil in teh last world cup when they tried to play Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho all together. I needn’t mention the resulting display.

  2. Fan40mill says:


    Let’s face it; at this stage of proceedings and with Maradona at the helm, all we can do is put on our Albiceleste T shirts, strap ourselves in and watch what will be the most exciting game in recent Argentine football between Chile and Ecuador…..

  3. Amir says:

    viva micho.
    martin duset darim.

  4. matt watson says:

    im a great fan of argentina, i hope they knock us out in the quater finals, im from manchester

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