Report on Argentina-Uruguay game

Here’s a report by TELEFE on the possible starting lineup against Uruguay.

Veron is in. Palermo will be on the bench and Messi will be in the starting lineup no matter what as long as Maradona is the manager.

Demichelis is in. Insua is out.

Maradona will go with 4 central defenders (Demichelis, Schiavi, Otamendi, Heinze) against Uruguay.


4 Responses to Report on Argentina-Uruguay game

  1. Chris says:

    If Veron is in, do you thing Di Maria is out?
    honestly, i think Di Maria deserves his spot..
    he always bust’ his has on the field, and does a great job, considering how young he is.. the guy is talented.
    I wish Insua was starting again. i saw some of the highlight, and he didn’t do too bad..
    does anyone know how he did against Peru the other day? if its bad, is this the reason why he’s not starting him ?

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    If Veron ends up in the lineup it will be in place of Aimar.

    Di Maria definitely earned his spot on the team with his performance against Peru. I wasn’t great but it was good. Di Maria linked up well with Aimar and Messi. Also, Di Maria is a good attacking threat on the left side of the midfield. I think he showed that against Peru.

    The lineup is not official yet but the rumors are that Maradona is going to go with a defensive midfield and Veron.

    In other words, Argentina will play in counter-attack mode.

    As far as Insua, I don’t think he played bad in the Peru game. I wish he would’ve made more attacking runs but he did alright.

    Schiavi & Heinze played poorly and yet they’ll most likely be back in the starting lineup.

    It doesn’t make any sense.

  3. King Aguero says:

    I heard that the midfield will look like this


    This is terrible!

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It’s really pathetic that in Argentina’s last WC qualifier and still needing to qualify, Argentina will have 4 central defenders in the backline and 3 defensive midfielders in the lineup.

    Absurd, ridiculous, idiotic, terrible, etc…….

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