“In Argentina Messi is not respected”

Cristina Cubero, a writer with the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo appeared on the TyC Sports show, Gol de Medianoche, and talked about the views that fans and football writers in Argentina have about Messi.

In every poll regarding Messi that has appeared in the Argentine media recently the majority of the people voted that Messi should no longer be in the starting lineup.

Cubero talks about Messi’s poor performances with the national team and the excessive criticism, in her opinion, that Messi is receiving from fans and the Argentine media.

According to Cubero, In Argentina Messi is not respected.


7 Responses to “In Argentina Messi is not respected”

  1. Chris says:

    I think this is stupid,
    I dont think Messi is not respected. I just think everyone is frustrated and dont understand why he explodes in Barca, but not for the albi’s. what would it be like if Messi were NOT on the team???
    I think Messi is going to eventually blow up like he does with barca soon. we just need to find someone to link him up well up front, someone who understands his movements, and connects with him.

  2. Rajesh says:

    It is shocking. I thought Argentines knew about football. Messi is a team player and when a team performs well, he is like masterclass. However, if the team does not even have half the qualities of players who can associate with him, his performance is set to be poor. I dont say all other Argentine players are not half good as Messi, but in the present team, nobody is playing good. Messi alone cant do anything. It is pretty becoming sure Maradona cant coach. Give a good coach and see how they will perform. It is important to bring in Samuel, Zanetti instead of Heinze and Schiavi. I would hate Maradona if he dont play Aimar in the first team.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Rajesh, I agree completely with your comment.

    Also, I think that as Chris pointed out, frustration is behind alot of these anti-Messi feelings that are being expressed more and more with each WC qualifier defeat and poor performance.

    Frustration leads to scapegoating and Messi as the richest and most high profile Argentine player is bearing the brunt of it.

    But Messi cannot play great with Argentina because:

    Messi is not surrounded by similar type players like he is with Barca

    Messi plays in an Argentina team with different players and different tactical formations in every game

    Messi plays in an Argentina team that is a chaotic team, with no defined system, no collective play and a chaotic manager

    Messi is not a playmaker, Messi finishes the play build up, Messi finishes goal scoring opportunites that are created.

    Messi WILL NOT play great with the Argentina shirt until he is surrounded by the right players (players that can link up with him effectively and deliver balls to him consistently) and until he plays in a set lineup, set tactical formation.

    All of the above things can be achieved but it will take a knowledeagable, competent manager to make that happen.

    That is another thing that Messi does not have with Argentina.

  4. Rajesh says:

    I read somewhere there are plans to have Pep Guardiola for Argentina coach? Is that true? If Argentina qualifies and if Pep will coach, no doubt, Argentina will win w.cup. He is the best person to make Argentina play the exact possession football.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Ever since MARCA published that report, I have not heard anything more about it.

    So, I don’t know if there was any truth behind it or if it was just the Madrid press trying to stir up some trouble for the Catalans.

    My opinion is that Argentina will never have a foreign manager for different reasons.

    But if that should ever happen, Guardiola would be a great choice.

  6. grodona says:

    please accept that messi cannot win match single-handedly like maradona….the level of maradona in 1986 worldcup cannot ever be reached…messi will only be a club star and nothing more ever

  7. Strapjacket says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you:

    Maradona was a brilliant player, he mentions a number of times that Messi will be his successor, but I don’t think he really wants that in reality. He needs to step back and let the Argentinean coach handle the situation.

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