Argentina controls its destiny

That is the good news heading into the final WC qualifier against Uruguay on Wednesday night.

Argentina’s WC qualification does not depend on the result of another game.

Argentina has complete control over its World Cup qualification.

Even if Argentina gets a tie against Uruguay, Argentina will still have a chance to qualify to the World Cup no matter what happens in the Ecuador game.

These are the five qualification scenarios at hand:

– If Argentina wins, Argentina qualifies directly to the WC

– If Argentina ties, and Ecuador wins by less than five goals, Argentina qualifies directly to the WC

– If Argentina ties, and Ecuador wins by five goals or more, Argentina will play against a CONCACAF team for the last WC qualifying spot

– If Argentina loses, and Ecuador loses, Argentina will play against a CONCACAF team for the last WC qualifying spot

– If Argentina loses, and Ecuador wins, Argentina will be eliminated from WC qualification

Well, there it is.

Very simple, isn’t it?


7 Responses to Argentina controls its destiny

  1. Argentinafan says:

    i find it very unlikely that argentina can win in montevideo, but stranger things have happened. i think bielsa and chile will be ready to play in santiago, and it will be a celebration for the fans.everyone thought brazil would lie down for chile, but they crushed them 4-2. i think you will see a similar effort from chile, especially with bielsa, who will not want to eliminate his own country.

    the uruguay game is very intriguing. if i were a nuetral, i would be so excited for this game. the oldest rivalry in south america, the two teams that contested the first ever world cup final, playing each other with the world cup on the line. sadly, i cannot enjoy any of this b/c i am so nervous. maradona needs to find a better backline. demichellis and otamendi should start. forlan and suarez may be the most deadly strike partnership in south america at the moment.

    i also think it is incredibly stupid that veron will start this game. veron has done nothing for argentina EVER. he couldn’t handle the pressure when he was 28 and in his prime, i see no reason why this will change wednesday. aimar should play again. he linked up really well with di maria and messi.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with you completely about Veron.

    Truly irresponsible and senseless.

    Even though Aimar faded after a strong start, it was clear that he was able to link up well with Messi.

    The backline will continue to be a mess. I just hope Demichelis does not play in the right-back spot.

    How idiotic is the Zanetti snub looking right now?

    According to some reports, Maradona might go with 3 defensive midfielders (Masche, Gutierrez, Brana) along with Veron.

    So, Di Maria, one of the few players that played well against Peru, might be on the bench.

    I have no reason to be optimistic.

    Uruguay will be playing even more fiercely than usual against Argentina, with the world cup on the line and playing at home.

    It’s going to be a brutal game.

    The only good thing going for Argentina is that they can still qualify to the WC with a tie against Uruguay. So, the game is not a must win per se.

    I think that all Argentina fans needs to be realistic and brace themselves for the possibility that we might lose against Uruguay.

    It’s great to be positive but at this point, we need to be realistic.

    We all want Argentina to win, obviously.

    The reality is that Argentina could very well lose against Uruguay and not qualify to the WC.

    Positive vibes will not change that.

  3. chris says:

    this is all nonsense guys… something is seriously wrong with all of this that is going on with la seleccion..
    I find it difficult to understand how argentina struggled with a last place team.. I know its the coachs fault and the stupid decisions he makes, but something is seriously wrong. I agree, aimar messi and di maria link up well upfront, better then aguero or tevez, di maria is like a rocket, he reaches the top with no problem.
    i find it idiotic how people say, “oh bad weather and what not”, i know the weather was horrible, but these guys are PROFFESIONALS, that is why the get paid millions, there should be no reason to struggle with any type of weather. if that were the case, then that means Peru should have struggled in the 2nd half as well. but why was it our players falling everytime we had the ball?? this is all crazy.
    jonas shouldnt be on the team, Veron doesn’t impress me anymore, and yes, i think it should be Aimar,Messi, Di maria, and Higuain upfront. Higuain seemed alot better playing behind Palermo when he came in, i dont understand why Diego wont include Palermo from the start with higuain.. I feel uruguay is going to dominate at home.
    i really hope these guys finally wake up.. it seems as if these players are afraid to play, like they forgot who they are..
    when Bielsa was coach, it didnt matter what kind of game it was or if it was only a friendly, Bielsa always went out to win every single game. I always said it, and i’ll say it again, Bielsa should have been the coach again.. look what he’s doin to Chile???
    when was the last tme u can remember Chile coming in 3rd place???
    I guess we’re the only idiots that get beat 6-1, and struggle with Peru…
    Wed. is going to be a bloody battle. if it were 4 years ago, i would have had total confidence and not be nervous at all with arg. playing Uru..
    now, i dont even have the balls to watch OR listen to the match..

  4. Humbird says:

    I won’t watch the match. I cannot take the stress. Will return on Thursday.

    Vamos Argentina.

  5. Argentinafan says:

    one thing we actually have on our side is GK. Romero was very good last match, he will have to be good again. Uruguay’s goalkeeper is horrible. He let in a goal from Dani Alves that was laughable. that is yet another reason why di maria should start. he atleast has the threat of taking long range shots

  6. albino says:

    4th scenario should be “If Argentina loses, and Ecuador loses OR DRAWS, Argentina will play against a CONCACAF team for the last WC qualifying spot” 😉

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Yes, that as well.

    If anyone has all the qualifying possibilities worked out in their head, I congratulate them. I sure haven’t.

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