Argentina vs Peru – Game Commentary


Here we go, two hours left before kickoff.

Argentina is playing its next to last WC qualifier today.

Argentina will have yet another different lineup today.

There are different mathematical possibilities and different qualifying scenarios. But I do not have the mental energy to take all of this on.

It’s very simple actually. Argentina has to win today. Argentina is running out of must win games. It has to happen today. Today it is Peru. The Uruguay game is far away.

What are the Argentina players going to show today?

If not football, will the players on the field today show pride, personality, inner strength, love for the Argentina shirt?

If not football, can we at least see that today?

Argentina is playing a team that is in last place in the WC qualifying standings.

Argentina is playing at home.

Argentina has everything in its favor today.

Today is the first of two finals.

There are no more excuses. It’s time.

Time to win.

The starting lineup today:

GK – Sergio Romero

D – Jonás Gutiérrez
D – Rolando Schiavi
D – Gabriel Heinze
D – Emiliano Insúa

M – Enzo Pérez
M – Javier Mascherano
M – Angel Di María
M – Pablo Aimar

F – Lionel Messi
F – Gonzalo Higuaín


The Argentina-Peru history:

Argentina won 30 games, 11 ties, Peru won 5 games.

UPDATE – 4:45pm EDT

Aimar will be wearing the #16 shirt, Higuain will wear the #9 shirt.


Javier Zanetti asked Inter for permission to be at the game tonight. Argentina needs a right-back against Peru. A midfielder will be in that position and Zanetti will be in the stands watching the game.


The Argentina bench tonight:

GK – Mariano Andujar
D – Martin Demichelis
M – Mario Bolatti
M – Federico Insua
F – Carlos Tevez
F – Sergio Aguero
F – Martin Palermo


The Argentina players are on the field doing their pre-game warmups.


What kind of reception will Maradona receive in El Monumental tonight?

Needless to say, he ended up looking quite ridiculous with his over the top criticism of River’s stadium and pleading to play in Rosario.

Now, he’s back in River’s stadium for a do or die WC qualifier.


The Argentina players have entered the field.


A recording of the late Mercedes Sosa singing the Argentine national anthem is being played in the stadium.


The game is about to start.

VAMOS ARGENTINA CARAJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


25th minute

No Score

It’s all Argentina so far, controlling the ball, attacking and creating goal scoring opportunities. Higuain has missed two really good scoring chances. Di Maria is linking up well with Aimar but Enzo Perez is not.
This is a good game for Lucho Gonzalez to help with the play build up but he’s watching the game.


30th minute

No Score

Aimar is doing a good job leading the attack and linking up well with Messi but the ball is not going in.


35th minute

No Score

A section of the stadium is calling for Palermo.


38th minute

Aimar has been static the last 10 minutes, he needs to move around and take hold of the ball.


40th minute

No Score

Who’s brilliant idea was it to water down the field before the game?

Maybe Heinze will end up twisting his ankle.


43rd minute

No Score

Enzo Perez is making good runs down his flank but Aimar remains static in the center of the field.


45th minute

No Score

2 minutes of additional time



No Score


Argentina came out with all guns blazing. Some good play buildup, scoring chances were created, Aimar for at least the first 30 minutes led the attack linking up well with Messi but then disappeared the rest of the first half.

A poor performance by Higuain so far. Inexplicably, Insua is not making attacking runs from his end. Di Maria is playing well overall, active in the play buildup.

Enzo Perez started out slow but ended the first half with some good attacking runs.

But the ball is not going in.

Peru is in total defensive mode.

The worst possible scenario right now.

Argentina will start the second half desperate for a goal.


The second half is about to start.

Palermo is coming in. Enzo Perez is OUT.



Ecuador 0-0 Uruguay




Argentina 1-0 Peru


52nd minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

Argentina is attacking, going for the kill.


60th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

Romero has made a handful of outstanding saves already in the second half.


65th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

Jonas Gutierrez looks horribly out of place in the right back position.


67th minute

Martin Demichelis is coming in the game. Higuain is OUT.


69th minute

Higuain scores a goal and then gets taken out of the game.

Demichelis is going in the right-back position.


67th minute

Ecuador 1-0 Uruguay


69th minute

Ecuador 1-1 Uruguay


75th minute

Federico Insua is coming in the game.


Insua IN. Aimar OUT.


78th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

Peru should be winning this game. Only a miracle is going to save Argentina tonight.


80th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

Argentina has been absolute chaos in the second half. Offensively and especially on defense.


84th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru

The last place team in the WC qualifying standings is the better team and is making Argentina suffer the entire second half.


88th minute

Argentina 1-0 Peru


Argentina 1-1 Peru




Argentina 2-1 Peru



Argentina 2-1 Peru


Uruguay 2-1 Ecuador


Uruguay beat Ecuador 2-1


And the miracle happened.

But Argentina did not deserve to win tonight. The last place team in the WC qualifying standings outplayed and humiliated Argentina in the entire second half.

Peru did not win tonight because of Argentina’s GK and because of their own failure to finish off the many goal scoring opportunities that they had.

This is where things stand heading into the final WC qualifier next Wednesday.

Argentina – 25 points
Uruguay – 24 points
Ecuador – 23 points

Ecuador will be playing against Chile which qualified to the World Cup tonight.

Ecuador will play against a Chile team that will not have anything to play for.

Argentina will be playing against a Uruguay team that will be playing at home, playing for a spot in the World Cup.

I’m not expecting any more miracles.

18 Responses to Argentina vs Peru – Game Commentary

  1. Humbird says:


  2. Argentinafan says:

    is palermo on the bench?

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:


  4. chris says:


  5. Humbird says:

    Well, that was impressive. (insert sarcasm here).

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    A disgraceful performance even with Palermo’s goal.

  7. chris says:

    guys, this is a total fucking embarrassement !!!

    something seriously needs to be done before wednesday.

    why would you take out Pipita for Demi ?

    why is it so hard for argentina to find the goal,why was it so difficult for argentina to cross mid field during the second half???

    ai que hacerle un omenaje a Romero, Pipita, and Palermo…

    Wednesdays match is going to be a bloody battle.

    WAKE UP MESSI !!!!!!!

    im sorry to say, but i know everyone disagrees with me, but Riquelme is missed, he’s the only one that links well with messi..

    its so hard to understand why we struggle with a team thats in last place.
    as much as i love argentina,the way we played,we dont deserve to be in the WC.

  8. sam says:

    at least we win!!its going to be pretty tough against Uruguay !!!

  9. Humbird says:

    Who would we have to face in a playoff with CONCACAF?

  10. albino says:

    Why any of you noticed terrible weather conditions in 2nd half? First half was great, but no goals. Second half was ruled by the weather.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I have to disagree.

      The weather is not a valid excuse.

      Argentina was outplayed by Peru in the second half.

      • albino says:

        Not really outplayed, Argentina just surprisingly started to defend the result. But the fact is Argentina had more scoring situations in 1st half than in 3 last games. Still obviusly it’s not the same Argentina we all know and we all would like to watch, but it was definitely better Argentina. Still tactical mess, and it was first time these players played together. Blame you know who.

  11. Alan says:

    You guys are over critical. I am die hard fan of Argentina from Malaysia.

    Argentina are going through a rough patch of form and i am sure they will bounce back.

    Any argentina teams of the past has been the same. 2002 squad was ok in the qualifying but went home in the first round.

    2006 squad was damn good at the qualifiers but still went out in the quarters.

    it all happened in the past. In 2003, argentina have to slog it out in the play off with australia and we needed maradona to pull it through.

    So its not something new or anything wrong with maradona. YOU guys are frustrated ..thats all.

    i love argentine and they will be there. Take the positives from todays game. The fought till the end and scored and won. That what it matters.

    I am sure they will get the job done at uruguay. Please support the team at this crucial time not against them.

    i saw the game live on tv…the argentines are booing or jeering the team !!!

    what is this ? i am a malaysian and i am praying to god for argentina….while some argentines are against their own team ?

    this is the time to get behind the team and give full support to the team to boost thier confidence….not pile them with verbal attacks….

    argentine will be there….i am sure they will…


  12. Argentinafan says:

    it doesn’t really matter what happened for the first 92 minutes…el loco palermo did what he has always done! we’re going to south africa with out the repechaje i think! what an emotional swing that game was! i may die if i have to go through that again! i feel like maradona at his testimonial! i threw off my messi jersey and ran to my room and throuh on my palermo boca shirt!

  13. chris says:

    Allan from malaysia,you are correct,
    we all need to stay positive, we as Argentine’s. thank you for all your support !

    I was just watching the interview with the players, and they all seemed so down and out of it, as if they lost a WC.
    Palermo at the moment is the man, poor guy wouldn’t stop crying how emotional he was.
    from what my dad told me, i guess he had a son who died at a young age, and he was thanking him after he scored, man, i swear i felt his emotions… i dont know about any of you.

    Thank Palermo, Pipita and Romero….

    Argentina has no form of play like we use to, i just dont understand why anymore.

    see you guys, we’ll all chat next week.
    thanks Pintadoazul for all your updates.. keep them coming.

  14. mitu says:

    Dear All fans of Argentina…..I know all fans of Argentina love Argentina amd Maradona too. But they are frustrated and blaming maradona. It is really disapointing what argentina played till today. They have Five to six top striker of the world and with mesi(the best player of the world right now) himself. But Their performance far away from their quality.

    Every team has their bad patch. Argentina right now passing through it. Fans should be back their team on their bad time. It is disapointing that some Argentine cheering against Maradona and Argentina team. We don’t need anybody for cheering, when Argentina of its best. True supporter need on the bad time. Maradona might be not good as a coach but still he is Maradona as before. He is the only inspiration for the Argentina football and the supporter through out the world. Never forget what he did for the Argentina before. I wish Argentina will beat Uruguay and should be on south Africa world cup list….Love Maradona and Argentina………………………..

    • albino says:

      It’s not about “cheering against” Maradona. He simply does not work as a coach. You must admit yourself that with players like that he should do much better, and with different tactics (if any) and completely different players in each game, it’s obvious he has no clue what to do.

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