Di Maria signs contract extension with Benfica

Angel Di Maria has signed a contract extension with Benfica that will last until 2015.

Di Maria’s buy-out clause was increased to 58 million dollars.

Di Maria is making a big impact in Benfica and the club has made an important move, obviously wanting to keep him in Portugal for many years.

Di María, en Benfica hasta 2015

El argentino renovó su contrato por seis años más; la cláusula de rescisión se aumentó a 40 millones de euros

LISBOA (DPA).- El argentino ngel Di María renovó su contrato con Benfica hasta 2015, anunció hoy el club de fútbol portugués.

El vínculo original de Di María vencía en 2012, pero el club y el jugador estimaron que era el momento adecuado para prolongarlo tres años años más.

La cláusula de rescisión se aumentó a 40 millones de euros (58,40 millones de dólares).

El centrocampista ofensivo llegó a las “guilas Rojas” en 2007 producto de su gran actuación en el Mundial sub-20 de ese año, disputado en Canadá, en el que Argentina se consagró campeón.

2 Responses to Di Maria signs contract extension with Benfica

  1. Argentinafan says:

    good for him i guess, but i have to wonder if he’ll really stay there that long. I know Mourinho has mentioned bringing him to Inter, and im sure some spanish sides could become interested if he continues playing the way he is. i saw him play in the europa league yesterday, and even though they lost, he was the best player around. set up cardoza perfectly, but el paraguayo missed a lay up. he also linked up really well with saviola

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Even though he’s become a fan favorite in Benfica, if the money is right I don’t think Benfica would have a problem with selling him.

    I would like to see him play in Spain or in a more important league than Portugal.

    I watched the game yesterday, Sebastian Saja was superb, he saved at least 3-4 goals. It’s too bad that Saja never got a chance with the national team.

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