Argentina player threatens Messi

In an interview with a Buenos Aires radio station, Marcelo Open, a lawyer and player agent said that “a national team player threatened Messi telling him that he would break his legs.”

Open also said the following:

“If we have someone that threatens Messi and tells him that he is going to break his legs and is a teammate that continues to be called up, there is something that is not working.”

“With a serious manager, these things wouldn’t happen. Instead of defending Messi, who is an educated kid that makes us look good all over the world, the player that made the threat is defended, a player that has to go for nothing to play for any team.”

So, who is the player that threatened Messi?

According to Marcelo Open, “in the Argentina-Brasil WC qualifier you could see one player blaming a teammate after the first goal.”

That is the player.


Needless to say if this allegation is true, there are some serious problems going on between the national team players, problems in addition to all the infighting between Maradona, Bilardo and Grondona.

There is no unity & harmony on the field, in the locker room, between the players, between the coaching staff, between the manager & the AFA president.

The national team is crumbling before our eyes.


“Un compañero amenazó a Messi con romperle las piernas”

Marcelo Open, reconocido abogado y representante de futbolistas, dijo en Radio 10 que un compañero de la selección amenazó a Messi con ¨romperle las piernas¨ y repudió que siga siendo uno de los convocados fijos de Maradona.

¨Si tenemos un infradotado que lo amenaza a Messi y le dice que le va a romper las piernas, y es un compañero que sigue siendo convocado, hay algo que no funciona¨ afirmó Marcelo Open, abogado y representante de futbolistas, en diálogo con Radio 10.

Aunque no trascendió ningún nombre, el abogado aclaró que quien amenazó a Messi se lo puede ver echando culpas a un compañero en el primer gol que Brasil le marcó a la Argentina en el choque por Eliminatorias jugado en Rosario.

¨Con un técnico serio, estas cosas no pasan. Lo irreal sería que le vaya bien a la Selección. En vez de defender a Messi, que es un chico educado que nos hace quedar bien en todo el mundo y vale u$s120 millones, se defiende a quien lo amenaza y tiene que ir regalado a jugar a cualquier club¨, agregó Open.

Más allá de los problemas internos en la selección cree que Argentina se clasificará al Mundial de Sudáfrica, aunque teme que el equipo haga un ¨papelón¨ si no se cambia el rumbo y no se empieza a hacer bien las cosas.

Las internas en el seleecionado nacional de fútbol arrastran un antecedente, cuando trascendió que Juan Román Riquelme generaba conflicto entre los jugadores del plantel durante la etapa de Alfio Basile como seleccionador.

8 Responses to Argentina player threatens Messi

  1. Humbird says:

    we can’t do anything without a huge drama. The last two world cups we were focused like a lazer beam on the contest and nothing else.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    All this drama and endless conflicts within the national team is not only sad it’s causing Argentina to self-destruct.

  3. albino says:

    There is no team. So sad. Maybe lack of qualification is something that national team really need right now?

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I could never wish that Argentina not qualify to a World Cup but you pose an interesting question.

    If Argentina does not qualify to the World Cup, Will that actually benefit Argentine football and lead to much needed changes in not just the manager position but all the way down the line to the national team structure?

  5. Chris says:

    Can someone tell me who was the one who Threatened messi of breaking his legs?
    and why he said that to him?

    sorry guys, I haven’t been able to see alot of the news lately, and I haven’t been able to youtube it.

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:


  7. Chris says:

    Thanks Pintadoazul,

    Any reason as to why he was threatened that way ?

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It could be that Heinze is angry that Messi is not being criticized as strongly as he is for Argentina’s poor performances. Maybe Heinze doesn’t feel that Messi is giving a 100% effort for the Argentina shirt.

    BTW, Heinze was asked yesterday after Marseille’s champions league game about the threats that he allegedly made to Messi and Heinze refused to make any comments about it.

    Sometimes silence speaks loudly.

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