Guardiola 2010?

According to MARCA, a group of Argentine club presidents have initiated a campaign called “Guardiola 2010” with the goal of hiring Pep Guardiola as the new national team manager.

The main reason given for the campaign is that none of the Argentina managers have been able to bring out the best of Messi yet he has played brilliantly with Guardiola as his club team manager.

Pep Guardiola, the new Argentina manager?

Good idea or Bad idea?

Does Argentina need a foreign manager?


El proyecto Guardiola 2010 está impulsado por varios presidentes de clubes de la primera división argentina

Proponen a Guardiola para que sustituya a Maradona al frente de Argentina

El proyecto Guardiola 2010 tiene su base en la ineficacia de los técnicos argentinos en sacar el máximo provecho a Messi.

Un grupo de presidentes de clubes de la Primera división argentina han pedido que Pep Guardiola sea el nuevo seleccionador de Argentina en sustitución de Maradona. “Argentina tiene a un diamante en bruto, que es Messi, y ninguno de los técnicos nacionales ha sabido hacerlo rendir.

En cambio con Guardiola en el Barcelona, Messi salió campeón de tres torneos en un año y goleador en uno de ellos”, aseguró uno de los dirigentes que impulsa la medida.

“Los técnicos nacionales no lograron explotar a Messi”

El proyecto Guardiola 2010 tiene su base en la ineficacia de los técnicos argentinos en sacar el máximo provecho a Messi. “Por ahí a algunos les cae mal que venga un extranjero, pero los técnicos nacionales no lograron explotar a Messi, salvo el checho Batista, pero tampoco está capacitado para conducir al plantilla”, expresó otro presidente que apoya esta medida.

La desilusión que ha generado Maradona tras los malos resultados de Argentina es tal que la Asociación del Fútbol Argentino evalúa la posibilidad de ofrecerle el cargo a Guardiola tras el Mundial de Sudáfrica.

“Argentina está prácticamente fuera del Mundial, así que ahora hay que rezar para que España sea campeona. Así ellos no van a intentar contratar a Guardiola”, concluyó otro de lo que apoyan el proyecto Guardiola 2010.


10 Responses to Guardiola 2010?

  1. Chris says:

    great coach, great communication with his players, and I like his style of play ideas..
    why isn’t it ok for argentina to have a foregin coach?
    maybe thats what we actually need ?

  2. Chris says:

    im not saying it for Messi, im saying it for the whole team.
    Im sure Messi can adapt to any kind of play, if we have the right coach and players to match up with him.
    It just seems like theres no sense of direction with any of the players with diego being coach.


  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I’m not against the idea of a foreign manager but I really believe that Argentina does not need one.

    Guardiola is a superb manager considering the amount of experience he has. Guardiola has many strengths.

    His knowledge of the game, from tactical knowledge to his ability to train a team and especially his enormous abilty in handling players, motivating players, and keeping control in the locker room. Also, the attacking style of football that he believes in would fit in perfectly with Argentine football.

    But Argentina has capable managers and I do not believe that Messi will never be able to play well with an Argentine manager.

    I think that is nonsense.

    The reason that Messi does not play well with Argentina is because he has not had a national team manager, yet, that’s surrounded him with the right players, with the right structure, to effectively exploit Messi’s skills.

    Messi is a very individual player who needs a steady stream of balls delivered to him from the right flank and from the midfield and he needs an “inside the box” type forward upfront with him so that he can have the space to make his runs and have defenders drawn away from him.

    In my opinion the following Argentine managers are capable of taking over as national team manager:

    Angel Cappa
    Gerardo Martino
    Marcelo Bielsa
    Sergio Batista
    Ricardo Gareca
    Diego Simeone

    Though they will never be hired as long as Grondona is in charge there is also Carlos Bianchi and Ramon Diaz.

  4. Humbird says:

    Yes we need a foreign coach, but for the reason that we need a coach who has absolutely no ties and obligations to Grondona and the AFA. We need someone totally free of entanglements. That won’t happen because Grondona and the AFA have their fingers in everything. We don’t need the club presidents’ input either. They are just as friggin corrupt as Grondona. That all all intertwined in each others’ business and pockets.

    We need to take the NT away from that.

    And I also don’t like this business of thinking that Messi is the national team. He is not. We shouldn’t be making decisions based just on what is best for him.

  5. argentina fan says:

    batista and hugo tocalli have gotten the best out of messi, albeit at youth levels. Basile got quite alot out of Leo in the copa america as well…I think Simeone should be the coach though…discipline is the key, i think Brazil are learning that under Dunga…
    I saw the Barca vs. Inter game today, and Messi looked to be the same player he was against Paraguay and Brazil. He didn’t score, but had a few chances, and forced a good save from Julio Cesar. The real difference in Messi is that there are other players who Inter had to respect. Xavi was pulling the strings, and Alves was providing the width. Then of course Ibrahimovic and Titi Henry are two world class strikers. For Argentina, Veron is not up to it to be a playmaker at the highest level. Zanetti is too old to play as an attacking fullback, he cannot provide the width, which is why Mourinho plays him in midfield (perhaps diego should have noticed this). And of course most importantly, carlos tevez does not strike any fear in the opposition the way Ibra or Henry can. Simply insert Riquelme, Insua on the left, Zabaleta on the right, Higuain and Licha/Zarate up front with Leo and you will see the best from Messi. Veron, Pupi, Heinze, Tevez, Datolo, the lads who he was attacking with against Brazil are crap, none of them should make it into our first 11 in the positions maradona has them in.

    ———–Cucho Cambiasso———Mascherano

  6. argentina fan says:

    i know its extemely attacking, but Basile used this formation against Uruguay, but with Aguero and Tevez up front with Messi, and Heinze and Pupi as the full backs

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I’m watching Velez-Boca right now. Great game so far.

    How about this lineup:


    Zanetti—–Garay—Gonzalo Rodriguez—Insua—–

    ——Mascherano——Banega——–Di Maria——-



  8. argentina fan says:

    as am i…i watched the first half and pato was epic for us. Something came up so I missed the goal, but velez just smashed a promising free kick well over the bar. Velez really look to be in the drivers seat—-Palermo just missed…montoya pretty easy save. Maxi Moralez and hernan lopez are quite impressive. papa has been a thorn in boca’s side too

  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Cubero is playing great tonight, he’s been in very good form with Velez.

    I would like to see him called up to the national team.

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