Player changes for remaining WC qualifiers

According to Ole, there will be changes to the callups for the remaining WC qualifiers.

Apparently more players from the domestic league will be called up and some of the European based players like Gago, Maxi Rodriguez, Nicolas Burdisso, Lisandro Lopez and Diego Milito will not be called up for the remainder of the WC qualifying campaign.

Defenders like Ezequiel Garay and Federico Fazio are being considered for the upcoming games. And there’s a possibility that Andres D’Alessandro might get a callup. Also, Palermo and Schiavi will remain on the team.

The reasoning for calling up more players from the domestic league is that there is plenty of talent in Argentina to build a national team around, Maradona will have immediate access to the players and have more time for training sessions.

The other reason is the poor performances and the lack of effort, pride, hunger, that some of the European based players have shown in the crucial games against Brasil & Paraguay.

I think that it is a very good idea to bring more players from the domestic league on to the national team but I think that the decision is being made too late.

If Argentina ends up not qualifying for the World Cup, perhaps a change in the call up philosophy will be one of the things that will be overhauled.

The idea that European based players are the best national team players and unquestionably the ones that should be in the starting lineup is an idea that’s existed for a long time and has been unchallenged in Argentine football.

Can the domestic players play just as good or better on the national team than the European players?

Will the domestic players play harder, show more pride and hunger than those in Europe?

Can Argentina have success with mostly domestic league players on the team?


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