The Ship Has Sunk

Never in my life as an Argentina fan have I seen a national team like the current one. Regardless of the players called up and their merit or lack of in being in the starting lineup, I have never seen an entire Argentina team play with so little heart, with so little pride, with so little soul, with so little dignity, with so little personality, with so little inner strength.

Last night’s latest debacle only confirms, for once and for all, that the Argentina players that have been calledup by Maradona have thrown in the towel.

A team can struggle with their football form but to represent the Argentina shirt as Maradona’s players have is simply a disgrace.

Argentina is a team without football, without ideas, without any collective play. Argentina is not a team. Argentina is eleven individuals on the field.

Maradona has not been able to put together a team that can function. Maradona has not been able to give the team a football identity. Maradona has not been able to order the team tactically.
Maradona has not called up the best available players.
Maradona has left, the best of those called up, on the bench.
Maradona continues to use the same players that are playing poorly.
Maradona continues to make the wrong substitutions.
Maradona has not been able to get through to the players.
Maradona is completely lost and without any idea on how to manage.

Maradona was not qualified to be the national team manager. Maradona was not prepared to be the national team manager.
Maradona is OVERWHELMED as national team manager.

All one needs to do is look at the job that Dunga, Bielsa, and Martino have done with their national teams. They just like Maradona, do not get to work with their players until a week before the WC qualifiers.

The difference between them and Maradona?

They are qualified, well prepared, knowledgeable, experienced managers.

Maradona is a former player (yes, one of the greatest) who has only brought charisma and motivational skills to the national team manager position. He’s run out of both things very quickly. Maradona has nothing else to offer as a manager.

Argentina is in the midst of a football catastrophe.

The person most responsible for the situation at hand?

Julio Grondona.

Everything that goes on in Argentine football begins and ends with him.

Argentine football is going to pay dearly for the mess that Grondona created by hiring Maradona as the national team manager.


10 Responses to The Ship Has Sunk

  1. utsav and all fan of albiceleste from nepal says:

    heu pintadoazulblanco i wanna ask u something.argentina is always a soccer power in world football and people are mad about soccer rt?? if so why cant they disagree with the decision of julio grondona?? why argentina’s football depends upon one single individual?? and no one there to control him?? i m really going mad. i can’t sleep, i can’t do anything. plz some one help me. i can’t see argentina in this condition. we cant live without albiceleste!! and yes can’t anyne kick out maradona??????????? why????? if i had p[ower i would have made argentina unbeatable team bcause the kind of player we have. plz answer my two questions. plz god may argentina qualify for world cup. i m really getting mad

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Julio Grondona is a very powerful person.

      Besides the fact that he is a FIFA VP, he has been in charge of the Argentine FA for more than twenty years and in that time he has positioned himself at the top and has made himself untouchable because of the many multi-million dollar deals that he’s negotiated with corporate sponsors, television networks,and other corporate interests.

      Grondona has made Argentine football (the domestic league and to a lesser extent the national team) a highly profitable business and has made it available to powerful corporations and business people. These groups have made an enormous amount of profit. They’re relationship with Grondona has been very fruitful.

      Everybody that serves on the AFA executive committee is a servant and lackey to Grondona. Nobody on the committee dares to question him.


      Because the majority of the members of the AFA executive committee are club presidents and therefore if any of them was to challenge Grondona, the political & economic interests of their clubs would be at risk as would their own personal interests. Afterall, the money that Grondona distributes to the clubs goes first through the presidents.

      There are also all kinds of behind the scene deals that are made that involve many of the club presidents in Argentine football.

      They are all in bed together.

      All of the above makes Grondona, powerful and politically untouchable.

      If anyone was to seriously attempt to get rid of Grondona, the entire house of cards would collapse.

      All the dirty business would be aired and all the crime and corruption that revolves around Argentine football would be exposed.

      Now, who in their right mind would put their club’s and their own personal interests at risk for the sake of ethics & morality.

      There’s too much at stake for the club presidents, the club board members, player agents, business people, and assorted unknown shady figures who are deeply involved in the business of Argentine football.

      There’s too much money and power within the machine to be lost.

      Why change the status quo when everything is fine the way it is from their perspective. Everybody is getting their share of the money.

      All the money that Argentine football generates is managed at the top (Grondona) and trickles all the way down to the police and to every club’s gang of hooligans, also known as Barra Bravas.

  2. Chris says:

    Im am lost for words Pintadoazul….
    I honestly feel like its all over already.. it all seems like a bad dream man. in my life time, i’ve never seen Argentina play so bad.. its not even funny how depressed I’ve been since the game ended.
    Im not too scared of Peru (but then again how arg is playing lately, anything is possible), but Uruguay is gonna give 110%.. I think Maradona is now getting to the point where he’s talking out of his ass, and everyone wants him out.. it just seems like the players are lost on the field, and have no type of plan or game strategy.. that worries me, that has never been our style..
    as many of us that dont like Riquelme, he right now is my only hope for now, at least with him we had SOME kind of play or plan on the field. i really hope he changes his mind soon.
    does any one else have any suggestions?? besides the usual, Zarate, Higuain, etc cause we all know Diego is not gonna call any of them cuz he’s such a stubborn SOB !
    I think we are running out of options, Messi is the best player in the world, and HE himself seems lost on the pitch, cant create plays, he needs someone on the field to help him create a play.
    I really hope Diego opens his eyes and asks for some help, this whole situation seems very familiar, kinda reminds me of Hugo Sanchez was coach of Mexico.
    I also heard this morning that the friendly match we had scheduled for Sept. 30th with africa has been canceled due to all that just happend in the passed 2 games..

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Chris, I agree with you except in regards to Riquelme.

      I don’t think that Maradona, Grondona or anyone else should kiss his ass to play for the national team.

      Riquelme’s quit the national team twice. That is two times too many.

      He shouldn’t be allowed to wear the Argentina shirt ever again.

      I don’t believe that Riquelme is the solution to Argentina’s problems but that’s a whole other discussion.

  3. Chris says:

    I can possibly answer a question for you, from what i’ve heard and known about Grondona, he does not fire anyone, he gives them a chance (from what they say) if they are no longer the coach, its their choice.
    and, I feel they dont fire Maradona because they are afraid the people will no longer love him like they do in Argentina, or simply because they are just scared of Diego, no one has ever really bad talked him to his face before, everyone either does it behind the scenes or in a interview.

  4. Humbird says:

    Let’s face the facts! We have been epic underachievers since at least 1994. 1994 WC! 1995 Copa America! 1998 WC 2002 WC (good god what a disappointment), Copa America 2007 etc. etc. etc.

    How many Copas have we won since 1993?

    What is happening now is just the culmination of what has been building up for the last decade or more. Nobody should be surprised. It took Maradona to completely collapse the house of cards, but that is what it is.

    Failure after failure at the senior level. How can a country win Olympic gold medals yet perform so disasterously at the senior level! And why are we playing with ancients like Veron, Heinze and Zanetti?

    Since 1993 the youth teams have won five out of the last seven World Youth Cups, three South American Youth Championships and we have also won the last two Olympic football gold medals. It can’t be for a lack of playing talent that we can’t translate this into success at senior level.


  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It’s very true what you say.

    I’m not against the idea of a foreign coach but I just don’t think that it will ever happen in Argentina because of the football culture there and nationalist tendencies among all those involved in Argentine football, the media and fans.

    Look at what Capello has done with England, not only did they qualify for the world cup without a problem, Capello has the players believing that they can win the world cup.

  6. utsav says:

    thanx pintadoazulblanco for all ur answers. ya bcoz of these kind of guys argentina can never progress in world football.i hope still with all these problem argentina does well in world football. bt about maradona i m really amaze. he’s really very sameless person. he should have regined himself!! do u guys have any hope of maradona calling higuain,cambiasso,samuel n etc for next game and throwing out heinze and all idiots??? hope at last maradona can do smthing bcoz its do or die now

  7. Richard says:

    One thing I wish to point out is that Dunga is NOT an experienced coach. I assume “Martino” is Paraguay’s current manager; I don’t know him, so no comment. Marcelo Bielsa, yes, this is an experienced manager; he was managing Newell’s Old Boys in the early 1990s and he managed Argentina from 1998 to 2004.

    Dunga, however, has no previous coaching experience. Many Brazilians were surprised and even angry when CBF named him in 2006 after the World Cup. He has learned on-the-job, and if he’s doing well now, it’s because he had time to learn from mistakes from mid-2006 until 2009.

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    When compared to Maradona, Dunga IS an experienced coach.

    Dunga may not have lots of years managing but that is irrelevant.

    One only needs to look at how each of them prepared their teams and had the players positioned tactically in the game.

    Dunga totally outmanaged Maradona in the game while Maradona looked completely clueless on the sidelines.

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