Argentina vs Paraguay

Tonight is another must win game as time is beginning to run out on the national team’s WC qualifying campaign.

Though not official yet, the following starting lineup was the one that played in yesterday’s practice session:

Sergio Romero

Javier Zanetti
Sebastian Domínguez
Gabriel Heinze
Emiliano Papa

Javier Mascherano
Fernando Gago
Juan Sebastián Verón
Jesús Dátolo

Lionel Messi
Sergio Agüero

It is really hard to understand why Maradona is making a GK change for such a critical WC qualifier tonight.

Why go with an inexperienced GK like Romero? Why create even more insecurity for an already insecure backline?

Andujar did not play badly against Brasil. So, why have Romero make his national team debut in a tough, pressure packed, game like tonight’s.

Heinze will once again be in the starting lineup. Tonight he will move to the center back position.

Gago is back in the lineup. Hopefully he won’t play on the right side of the midfield.

Upfront, Aguero, who has not earned nor is deserving a spot in the starting lineup, will partner with Messi.

Lisandro Lopez did not participate in yesterday’s practice session so it appears that he will be watching another WC qualifying game.

If Argentina does not win tonight and Ecuador & Colombia win their games, Argentina will find itself in 6th place in the WC qualifying standings with two WC qualifiers left on the schedule.

UPDATE – 4:40pm EDT

It’s cold and raining in Asuncion tonight.

Also, Ecuador is winning 3-0 over Bolivia with 6 minutes left in the game.

UPDATE – 5:25pm EDT

The team bus is arriving at the stadium and all the players are singing and hitting the bus windows with their hands. A festive atmosphere on the bus.

No last minute changes to the starting lineup. The lineup will be the same as the one that’s been reported.

Ecuador won their game. Colombia is losing 1-0 the game is in the 30th minute.

UPDATE – 5:35pm EDT

The Argentina bench tonight will be:

Andujar, Schiavi, Burdisso, Bolatti, Brania, Lavezzi, Palermo

UPDATE – 5:50pm EDT


Uruguay 1-0 Colombia

Uruguay player received red card.

UPDATE – 5:55pm EDT

Maradona will not be showing any motivational videos in the locker room tonight.

UPDATE – 6:10pm EDT

The rain has stopped in Asuncion.

UPDATE – 6:15pm EDT

Colombia player red carded 5 minutes into the second half.

Uruguay 1-0 Colombia

UPDATE – 6:20pm EDT

Some pre-game thoughts.

The only forwards on the bench are Lavezzi & Palermo. It is likely that Palermo will play in this game tonight.

On the bench tonight are two defensive midfielders. So, Argentina will again have to rely on Veron to lead the attack.

Maradona has not given the team any real alternatives in the middle and upfront.

UPDATE – 6:30pm EDT

Uruguay 1-1 Colombia

65th minute

UPDATE – 6:45pm EDT

Uruguay 2-1 Colombia

76th minute

UPDATE – 6:55pm EDT

The players are entering the field.

Uruguay 3-1 Colombia

88th minute


Argentina 0-0 Paraguay

7th minute

Veron receives yellow card and will be suspended for Peru game.


Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

25th minute



Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

As of right now, Argentina is in 5th place in the WC Qualifying standings.


Lavezzi in, Datolo out


Veron receives red card.


Palermo in, Aguero out.


Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

60th minute.


Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

70th minute


Schiavi is coming in the game.

78th minute


Schiavi in, Dominguez out


Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

It is really painful & heartbreaking to see an Argentina team without football, without ideas, without a heart and without a soul.

The ship is sinking fast with a COMPLETELY INEPT manager at the helm.

Argentine football is going to pay dearly for the mess that Grondona created by hiring Maradona as the national team manager.


14 Responses to Argentina vs Paraguay

  1. Chris says:

    Ecuador is winning 3-1 in “BOLIVIA”,
    5 minutes left into the game, which puts us in a worse position.
    God REALLY needs to hear our prayers now..
    im more nerves now then i was again brazil.

  2. chelo says:

    dont worry argentina tonigh is our night!
    vamos carajo! messi you are the lider! WC/10 we will there. for sure.

  3. shamim says:

    How this maradona trained our guys!!! they seems looooooooostttttttt!! oh my god!! not again paraguya 1 argentina 0. its halftime…pray for argentinaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. utsav says:

    its jst shame 4 beloved argentina is out of world cup

  5. Dani says:

    Que tristes q somos!!! Q verguenza!

  6. shamim says:

    Old…slow..motiveless…Veron single handedly killed the match!! How long we have to wait to see…that maradona is sacked.

  7. Argentinafan says:

    do you think maradona will be sacked? i hope so. apparently, he isn’t afraid of anyone. he’s been fighting, and now hes 48, and will continue fighting…those are some great words from a manager…is there any way that pekerman will come back? any way roman will come back? any way higuain and zarate will be called? any way licha has a chance of playing ever? any way heinze will be benched? por favor roman, regresa a la seleccion! POR FAVOR!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      At the press conference tonight he said that he spoke to Grondona and that everything is fine. He said that he will not be broken down and he said that he is going to finish out his contract.

      Alot of hot air.

      But there was something he said tonight that bothers me.

      Maradona said that the game against Peru is Argentina’s last chance.

      Is he not aware that there are still 6 points left to play for?

      Last chance?

      Sounds like a defeated, overwhelmed, manager.

      The tragedy of all this is that I don’t think it would matter at this point if Maradona resigns or is fired, which neither is going to happen anyhow.

      There is no manager that can step in and undo the disaster that’s taken place.

      The ship is sinking.

  8. Humbird says:

    We need a foreign coach. Perhaps Mike Tomlin.

  9. utsav and all fan of albiceleste from nepal says:

    if maradona doesn’t regine then its his decision but what about afa?? cant they throw him out. i agree that me and many fans of albiceleste all over the world aren’t argentinian but we feel the pain so much.can’t they feel same pani although they are argentinian themself??? if afa wants to continues with maradona , who are we to say anything?? just mad fans who always pray for argentin’s win. no value for us!! ok if so i dont care if argentina dont qualify because they dont care themself about not qualifying then its no point being sad for them. but what ever they do we will always love argentina from our heart but its really sad that albiceleste wont be there in south africa

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Utsav and all albiceleste fans from Nepal:

      All Argentina fans, all over the world, feel your pain.

      It doesn’t matter if one is from Argentina or not.

      We don’t love Argentina any less or are suffering any less.

  10. Argentinafan says:

    i think a batista, who could recall roman, and perhaps bring in some of the young defenders from the olympcs could salvage this. a back line of papa, heinze, seba dominguez, and although it pains me to say it, pupi, won’t be able to withstand peru, much less uruguay. a backline of zabaleta, gonzalo, garay, monzon/insua would be hungry. then, even if they fail, we will already be working towards 2011 copa america. if we stick with these old useless tarados we will be hurting our present and future.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Despite the U-20 debacle, I think Checho Batista would be an excellent choice. I also like Angel Cappa who I’ve followed and been a fan of since the days when he worked with Valdano in Spain.

      And to a lesser extent I like Ricardo Gareca who has alot of coaching experience and is a well prepared and knowledgeable coach.

      I don’t think that there will be any big changes in the callups for the remaining games. Maradona is going to go down in flames doing it his way.

      It’s horrible to have to be a witness to it.

  11. Brigie says:

    My Batigol il re leone would have done a better job at coaching why can they not see that.How much longer must Argentina have to suffer with these domestic inexperienced players ,WHERE IS Higuain,Zarate,Aimar,Lucho,Demichelis injured Gaby Milito we miss him he’s injured Romero was very good though Maxi Samuel Budisso where are they why is he bringing on that Retarded FOOL Palermo I am fed up but we can still qualify I believe in them they can do it:)

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