10 Questions

After the latest WC qualifying debacle I must ask the following:

1. Why does Tevez continue to be in the starting lineup?

2. Why can’t any Argentina forward score goals? Is it bad luck, have the wrong forwards been called up or is there no support from the midfield?

3. Argentina needs a playmaker or at the very least a midfielder that can think with the ball. Does Argentina have such a player available?

4. Is it time to look for another player to replace Maxi on the right side of the midfield?

5. Should Datolo continue to be the starter on the left side of the midfield?

6. What has to happen for Messi to play great with Argentina?

7. Why can’t Maradona put together a well functioning team?

8. How are the backline problems resolved?

9. Is Maradona’s resignation or firing the solution to Argentina’s problems?

10. Will Argentina qualify for the World Cup?


5 Responses to 10 Questions

  1. Chris says:

    First off,
    My question is, why the hell did Diego say not ONE Word durin the whole game??? if any of u watched, he kept his mouth shut the whole game, just kept biting his nails. I honestly think he was lost at the moment and had no clue what to do or say.
    – Why does he tend to always play messi in the middle instead as winger like he does with Barca, he dominates on the side.
    – why does our Defense lack so much??? I’ve been keeping an eye on Insua lately, and that kid is great, i still say he should try him, i mean, he’s trying all these other players that are much older, why cant he try these other young guys out?? we have to admit it guys, our defense SUCKS !!
    its embarrassing how much crap diego talked this whole week, about how we are going to win, and there’s no buts about it.. we ended up LOSING 3-1 !!!
    I would have at least expected a tie..
    – Is it me, or do the players just seem lost on the field ?? it just seems as if theres absolutely no communication on the field, no one knows wht they are doing. I have to admit, Masche Marked Kaka really well that night, i give the guy credit, i dont think Veron did to bad either, he was all over that field.
    I still would prefer Di Maria instead of Datolo for now..
    -and again Milito came in and did NOTHING, like always, thats why i dont understand why he keeps callng him up, I dont remember the last time he scored for the nationl Team.
    – he needs to try Higuain as un nueve de aria.. he has to try guys. we dont have much time left.. im honestly losing faith with Argentina now… So many “Stars” like everyone says, but they cant perform on the field when theyre together. i just dont understand anymore..Argentina does not play like they use to, we use to dominate the field, not be scared of any team against us. now its like they are scared to play.. i just dont understand.
    We have to admit it, we need un “Bati”.. that guy was the man.
    Argentina needs a major change, especially in our Defense.. I still think we should have Garay,pareja, Insua, Zabaleta…
    what can I say??? its my usuals, who else do we have to give a shot ??? Burdisso??? NOPE, Heinze??? NOPE, never impress’s me, Otamendi??? not too sure of that guy yet..

    Sorry guys, im just really frustrated, and I’ve been holding it in since Saturday night, i left after Brazil scored the 3rd goal, so I haven’t talked to anyone about it since, and im just now getting over it !
    All i can say is, I pray for some Help for tomorrow’s game..

  2. Chris says:

    At this point, if i were Diego, I would Kiss Riquelme’s ass to come back and try, at least with him we had some kind of center point, and I felt that Messi and Riquelme make a good combo and understand eachother on the field…

    im just sayin…. most of u would probably disagree !
    I just dont see us having anymore options..
    I also heard Diego is gonna start Romero now instead of Andujar.. Im happy about that to be honest with you.

  3. OAK says:

    I have one answer for #4 and #6, Messi should play on the right. That alone will change alot

  4. King Aguero says:

    Im gonna answer your questions in a quick manner

    1. Ive been saying this for a very long time Tevez is way over hyped and he shouldn’t even be near the NT because the guy has no talent other than running and hustling

    2. Its the wrong combination of forwards and lack of midfield creativity along with lack of team organization from the coach

    3. Argentina need 2 types of players a midfield organizer, and a playmaker they have organizers in Cambiasso, Banega, Gago, Bolatti, Valeri and they also have playmakers in Pastore, Blanco, Aimar, Belluschi, Bounanontte, Moralez

    4. Chelito Delgado never played bad for the NT and his crosses were always spectacular, Diego Perotti is doing well in Sevila as well but id prefer Leo Messi to play that role cause hes not a forward by any means.

    5. Unless Di Maria dies or something then Datolo shouldn’t start

    6. have a system, a unit, a team playing football so their best player can actually play with them and use him to his strengths dont play him out of position

    7. Maradona is not a coach and will never be one

    8. Experience, Length, Toughness, and most importantly in form players so as of right now Garay, Samuel, Fazio, Gonzalo, Insua, Schaffer, Zabaleta

    9. If they lose to Paraguay they should fire him and call up Julio Batista at least hes worked with this group of players and they know eachother well

    10. Keep your fingers crossed

  5. audie uk says:

    insua EXPERIANCE WEN WERE insua IS A JOKE HE PLAYS LIKE A RABBIT IN THE HEADLIGHTS AT LIVERPOOL he has no experiance at all and his posisioning is terrable zabaletta yes insua no and samial has let down argentina everytime his
    played including both goals at end of friendly game with england and he super flopped at real madrid

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