Argentina vs Brasil – Game Commentary

There are two hours left before kickoff.

So far no last minute changes or news.


The stadium is already very loud.

The players are on the team bus close to arriving at the stadium. Alot of players are singing on the bus and making alot of noise.

The video that Maradona showed the team had messages from friends & relatives of the players. The video also showed scenes of poverty & of working people all over Argentina. The message pretty clear. The players need to leave their heart & soul on the field tonight.


The starting lineup has been confirmed again. No changes from the lineup that Maradona gave earlier in the week.

UPDATE – 7:45pm EDT

All the Argentina players are on the field doing their pre-game walk. The crowd is in a frenzy. What an atmosphere!

UPDATE – 8:05 pm EDT

The Argentina bench will be:

Carrizo, Papa, Schiavi, Coloccini, Aguero, Milito.

UPDATE – 8:15pm EDT

Argentina has never won a WC qualifier with tonight’s ref, Oscar Ruiz, as the ref of the game.

UPDATE – 8:20pm EDT

The players are about to enter the field.






And so it is.

None of it shocking, all of it predictable.

Brasil had three goal scoring opportunities and scored twice but it could’ve been 3 goals.

Tonight, one of the worst Argentina lineups ever was put together for a Brasil game.

Argentina’s playmaker tonight. The worst player on the field.

An old, slow, less than fit Veron was given the responsibility of leading the attack. It’s been a disaster. Long balls to nowhere. No vision on the field and completely irrelevant.

The first Brazilian goal was courtesy of the second worse player on the field, Heinze. Completely asleep as he allowed Luisao (the player he was supposed to mark) to walk in, completely unmarked, to score the goal.

Tevez has also been totally ineffective and as expected losing to the Brazilian defenders every time the ball is in the air.

Datolo has done little and nothing on the left side of the midfield. Contributing little on offense and defense.

and Messi?

Poor Messi.

There is nobody on the field that is capable of delivering the ball to him.

Messi has no choice but to go near the midfield just to have contact with the ball and when he has the ball, it is him vs the Brasil team.

Argentina is a team without football, without order in any of their lines and is a team full of players that did not deserve to be in the starting lineup tonight or on the national team, for that matter.

None of it shocking, all of it predictable.


4 Responses to Argentina vs Brasil – Game Commentary

  1. Ramon Jordan says:

    fox va a transmitir el partido

  2. Humbird says:

    0-2 at the half. I quit.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Argentina were defensively very poor against Brazil, but I think it’s unfair to be too harsh on Veron. His passing was mostly crisp but Brazil packed the midfield and did a good job cutting out any through balls that would be potentially dangerous.

    Brazil’s defensive gameplan was simply far superior to Argentina’s. You guys will still qualify though 🙂

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I think Veron’s failure last night was not entirely as a result of Brazil’s effective defensive presence and order in their midfield.

    Veron failed because he was not able to take charge of Argentina’s attack, he didn’t effectively control possession of the ball, he didn’t effectively link up with other players, he didn’t even remotely start any good play buildup.

    What Veron did do was deliver long balls that went nowhere, at other times he gave away balls, without being pressured, to Brasil and Veron mostly ran and ran all over the field.

    Veron was given the play making duties and he failed miserably.

    I blame Maradona most of all because it is he who put an old, slow, injured player like Veron in the starting lineup and gave him such an important role in a highly important WC qualifier.

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