Tevez to play against Brasil

It is not official yet but based on the practice sessions held so far (Aguero did not play in the practice session), it appears that, barring any injuries or last minute changes, Tevez will be the other starting forward against Brasil.

So, it will be Messi & Tevez upfront against Brasil.

I do not agree with Maradona’s decision.

Tevez has received plenty of opportunities to play in the national team but he has not played well.

Tevez has not earned a spot in the starting lineup.

How many goals has he scored?

Has his overall form with Argentina been good?

Why does Tevez continue to be in the starting lineup?

I don’t think that Tevez is the ideal forward to have in this game.

I don’t see him successfully battling the Brazilian center backs and I don’t think that he will be able to breakthrough their defense by attacking them through the middle of the field.

Then there’s the issue of whether Tevez & Messi will be able to successfully link up.

I have serious doubts.


6 Responses to Tevez to play against Brasil

  1. While i agree with you that he has not done much to justify his starting role considering all the minutes he has been played, i think messi and tevez can and HAVE linked up very well when they played together. I personally think licha or milito earned their starting chance.

  2. Humbird says:

    from a member at XT:

    how many points Tevez has cost us in this qualifier so far? two first half expulsions against Colombia and Paraguay; and missing a penalty against Ecuador.
    We lost 8 points in those three games.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Very true.

    Having Tevez in the lineup has hurt Argentina more than it has helped the team. The numbers do not lie.

    The bottom line is:

    Tevez HAS NOT earned his spot in the starting lineup and DOES NOT deserve to be in the starting lineup.

  4. Humbird says:

    Every single one of those guys needs to show about 100 percent more than they have so far. Even the old guys like JZ. What happened to the days when players would rather die on the pitch than lose to Brazil. What happened to players like Passarella, Ruggeri, Maradona? Players who could by sheer force of their willpower lift the rest of the team up. I want players who put the NT first, not somewhere behind their club teams.

    There are none left.

    Rant over.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree 100% with your comment.

    I think that its because football today is a football where huge salaries, endorsement deals, merchandising, are at times at the forefront of the game rather than the game itself. All those things have diluted the idea of “love for the shirt”.

    Argentina will never again have players that would rather die on the field than lose to Brasil such as Passarella, Ruggeri, Maradona.

    Players like them played in what seems to be ancient times, at least when compared to today’s players and their idea of commitment to the national team.

    Maradona would travel halfway around the world to play in a friendly, to wear the Argentina shirt.

    Those days and those kind of players are like dinosaurs, they are extinct.

  6. Argentinafan says:

    Tevez is an awful choice. I would sacrifie Veron and play Aguero Messi and Licha Lopez up front. Veron is injured and he probably won’t be effective against Felipe Melo, who is a beast. My prediction for the game is that Argentina will win, but it won’t be pretty. Then again, thats wht I’m praying will happen.

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