Who will play upfront with Messi?


The Palermo callup has added more fuel to the ongoing debate about who should play alongside Messi in the starting lineup.

Against Brasil, Will Maradona go with the short but skillfull players like Aguero or Tevez?


Will he go with the in the box forward that many people think Argentina needs to have in the lineup?

Milito arrived this week with some health issues so he will most likely not be available.

That leaves Lisandro Lopez or Palermo.

Who should partner with Messi upfront?

Messi – Aguero

Messi – Tevez

Messi – Lisandro

Messi – Palermo

Should Argentina attack the Brazilian defense with fast, skillfull forwards or should there be a center forward in the lineup to draw defenders away from Messi, which will create space for Messi to maneuver.

I would like to see Lisandro in the lineup because he can play as a typical center forward but he also has the ability to drop back and move around the attacking front.

And he is obviously in very good form right now.

Argentina could start the game with Messi-Aguero or Messi-Tevez and if they are not able to break through the Brazilian defense in the first half then we could see Lisandro or Palermo in the second half.

Fortunately, Argentina does have options upfront.

Also, I think that the Brazilian backline is not as potent as many in the media have made it out to be.

Afterall, we’re talking about Brasil’s defense not Uruguay, Italy or Germany.

Maradona said that after today’s practice session, he will make a decision on the second forward that will be in the starting lineup.


One Response to Who will play upfront with Messi?

  1. Chris says:

    Although i would prefer Messi, and Higuain, but thats a topic we talk about all the time, thats not gonna happen any time soon.. in this particular game, I think i would go with Messi & Tevez, I feel Tevez is alot stronger physically, and alot more agressive then aguero, but then again, Aguero has been proving himself lately..or maybe el Licha with Messi, he’s been scoring goals lke crzy since he got to Lyon, but then again, he doesnt convince me much yet for some reason..at this point with all the surprises (disapoinments) Diego has been giving us, i really dont care who plays anymore, as long as we win !

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