The backline against Brasil

Argentina will have 4 defenders against Brasil.

I think that it is safe to assume that the two fullbacks will be Zanetti (right side) and Heinze (left side).

But who will the two center backs be?

Some of the options are:

1. Dominguez & Otamendi

2. Burdisso & Schiavi

3. Burdisso & Otamendi

4. Schiavi & Otamendi

5. Coloccini & Pareja

I know that looking at the list does not generate alot of excitement, actually more concern than anything.

I don’t think that Maradona will go with the Velez tandem because of their lack of national team experience.

If Burdisso is not fit then there is the horrifying possibility that Schiavi could be in the lineup.

I think that Otamendi has a good chance of being one of the starting center backs.

Coloccini & Pareja played alongside each other during the practice session today.

A backline of Zanetti, Schiavi, Otamendi and Heinze?


3 Responses to The backline against Brasil

  1. Chris says:

    in this case, i would probably go with Pareja, and Otamendi, they are very agressive in defense, which we are gonna need this kind of power to stop robinho, kaka, and Fabiano.. but if anyone has kept their eyes on schiavi this past year, the guy actually surprises me, for how hold he is, he’s not too bad, but to keep up with the speed of these young players, im not too sure.. I would have called up Insua as full back, this kid is strong !! if anyone hasnt seen him play, check him out, the guy is very strong and full of great potential.. I would get rid of Heinze, I’ve been saying this way too long now.

  2. Chris says:

    by the way, great articles to read this morning Pintadoazul, i enjoyed them.. jeez, im telling you, my stomach turns more each day this week as we get closer to saturday..

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    My stomach turns more and more at the thought of Schiavi playing against Brasil.

    Robinho & Kaka will run circles around him.

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