Messi scores twice in Super Cup win

la Pulga Messi scored two goals in yesterday’s second leg of the Spanish Super Cup to give Barcelona a 3-2 win and another Cup victory.


4 Responses to Messi scores twice in Super Cup win

  1. jack says:

    grande lio! thats how you take a penalty. tevez looked like an old lady when he took one against ecuador, how i wish he hadn’t been so stubborn about taking it, because messi actually went to pick up the ball but Tevez interceded.

  2. Humbird says:

    Now he has to repeat that vs. Brazil.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It’s starting to get tiring (for me) to always talk about the goals he scores with Barcelona, the great games with Barcelona and not have much to say about him with Argentina.

    It’s not all his fault but all Argentina fans are waiting for the “big” game from him with the national team shirt.

    The only shirt that matters.

    It’s time.

  4. Humbird says:

    You’re right. I don’t want him to go down in history as a great player EXCEPT for the NT.

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