Demichelis, Gago injured

Martin Demichelis and Fernando Gago were injured in practice sessions with their club teams and will not be available for the upcoming friendly against Russia.

Maradona called up Deportivo Espanyol defender Nicolas Pareja to replace Demichelis.

No decision has been made yet about Gago’s replacement.


Diego sólo suma bajas: ahora, Demichelis y Gago

Maradona llamó a Nicolás Pareja para reemplazar al defensor del Bayern Munich.

El defensor de Bayern Munich, de Alemania, Martín Demichelis, se lesionó en una práctica de su equipo, y el mediocampista del Real Madrid sufrió un desgarro de aductor, por lo que se suman otras dos bajas para la selección argentino de cara al partido del miércoles que viene ante Rusia en Moscú.

Como las bajas ya son cuatro, Maradona decidió convocar por Demichelis al zaguero de Español de Barcelona, Nicolás Pareja, aunque aún no trascendió quién reemplazará a Gago.

El jugador del Bayern Munich, según se informó desde la AFA, se comunicó vía telefónica con Maradona para ponerlo al tanto que sufrió un esguince grave en su tobillo derecho y que por esta lesión no viajará a Moscú.

El ex defensor de River también dialogó con el médico del seleccionado argentino, el doctor Donato Villani, por pedido de Maradona para ver como será su recuperación teniendo en cuenta el partido ante Brasil, por la eliminatoria sudamericana.

Así, Demichelis y Gago se suman a las bajas que se dieron a conocer ayer de Tevez y Verón.

4 Responses to Demichelis, Gago injured

  1. Chris says:

    FINALLY !!!!! some “Semi”- good news… I was hoping Pareja would get called up soon. I would have probably called up Garay AND Pareja since its a friendly, i like them both equally. I feel bad for the guys who got injured as they are some of my favorite players, i hope they recover well and very soon. I hope Pareja gives his ALL for this game and make Diego Realize he needs to start calling other Defenders.

    so who do you think would replace Gago for now?
    Hopefully Cambiasso since he’s doing amazing things in Inter right now, but I highley doubt it, since he already did say Cuchu is not in his plans! – SUCKS, great player !

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree about Pareja and the need for new defenders.

    We’ll see how he looks.

    I wouldn’t even attempt to guess who Maradona will callup in place of Gago.

  3. Chris says:

    I have a feeling Pareja will open Diego’s eyes some if he performs as he did at the Olympics !
    but then again, its “Diego”..u never know.

    and I agree with you about guessing for Gago’s spot.
    Im sure we’ll all be surprised (not in a good way) as always..

    let me ask you this, since u know alot more about soccer then I do. I thought Gago was a superstar at Real, reason I’m asking, is every article I read about him, is all negative and they want him out, or he’s not playing? what ever happend there?? i thought everyone loved him, and that he’s a world class “cinco” like Redondo was and compare him to ?
    now i hear they are talking bout selling him and Pipita ???

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I don’t know alot more about soccer than you or any one else. I’m just very opinionated 🙂

    When Gago played for Boca he was considered a skillful, promising player but Gago never had the label of superstar.

    Gago has not been able to establish himself with Madrid, he’s struggled with injuries and with his form.

    Gago is very far from being in the same league as a phenomenal player like Redondo.

    As far as Pipita, I don’t really understand why Madrid is considering transfering their top goal scorer, especially to, of all teams, Atletico.

    I really do not believe all the hype about Benzema.

    I think that it is Benzema who has everything to prove not Higuain.

    You would think that being a teams top goal scorer would secure you a spot on the team but I guess not in the Real Madrid Circus.

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