Maradona: I’m going to call up Ortega


In an interview with Radio Mitre, Maradona said that he will call up Ariel Ortega for the September friendly that will be played against either Mexico or New Zealand.

Maradona also said that Martin Palermo remains in his plans for a call up.

Ortega & Palermo to the national team?

Is it necessary to point out that these players at this stage of their careers have very little to offer Argentina.

Maradona’s call ups continue to get more ridiculous with each passing day.

DyN y Télam

Maradona: “Voy a convocar a Ortega para la selección local”

El DT de la Argentina adelantó anoche que tendrá en cuenta al Burrito para el amistoso del 30 de septiembre; además, confirmó que Martín Palermo sigue teniendo chances de ser citado

Diego Maradona adelantó anoche que convocará a Ariel Ortega para el seleccionado local. El 30 de septiembre la Argentina jugará un amistoso contra México o Nueva Zelanda, todavía no está definido, y ese parecería ser el partido para que el Burrito vuelva a vestir la camiseta celeste y blanca.

“Palermo sigue estando en mente. Y voy a convocar a Ortega para la selección local”, anticipó Maradona en declaraciones para Radio Mitre.

“Que Ariel se cuide y siga entrenando”, sostuvo el seleccionador, quien valora el esfuerzo que está haciendo el Burrito para tratar de desarrollar una temporada destacada en su regreso a River.

“Ariel debe pensar mucho en sus hijos. Yo maté muchas cosas gracias a Dalma y Gianinna. El puede hacer lo mismo”, remarcó Maradona, quien encontró en sus hijas las fuerzas vitales para luchar contra su adicción a las drogas.

El problema que afectó al jujeño fue el alcoholismo, pero Maradona procura alentarlo porque sufrió en carne propia el derrumbe por una adicción.


6 Responses to Maradona: I’m going to call up Ortega

  1. Chris says:

    So ur saying you can call up Ortega, who has had many issues for some time now,is in his mid 30’s, and just now is coming back to la Primera, but you cant call up Higuain for a friendly???? someone who is hungry for the Ball, and is dying to have a chance to play for Argentina????

    Come on Man, something is seriously wrong with this whole picture here..
    and, Im sorry, but I dont agree with Calling up Palermo again, I know he’s Phenomenal in Boca, but thats it ! just for boca… he doesnt do much for me.. another Older player, dont get me wrong, I dont hve a problm with older players, but putting them up against kids with speed, i dont think it’ll work..
    something seriously needs to be done here, im really losing faith in Diego now, I really hope i kick myself in the ass for saying all this, but this is all wrong..If he keeps hearing people are asking for Higuain, why doesnt hve just give him a chance and try him out and satisfy all of us who are asking for him to be called up????, sorry guys, but im just totally frustrated with all this drama with la seleccion not doing good, and not getting the players we need on the team.. please help me out on this one, if anyone thinks im wrong, by all means, please leave a comment, at least to give me some faith that Argentina is going to do great, and hopefully start winning like we use to.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I share your frustration.

    Who will Maradona call up next?

    Barros Schellotto, Kily Gonzalez, or maybe Claudio Caniggia

  3. Chris says:


    if that were the case, i would take Caniggia over anyone.. I wish that guy was still playing.. true Soldier on the field !

    I dont know what to say anymore Pintadoazulblanco, I just hope Diego really knows what he’s doing, and proves us all wrong !

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Only time will tell.

    I think the Brasil game will set the course for whatever happens afterwards.

  5. Humbird says:

    Maradona has officially lost his mind.

  6. utsav says:

    what is happing to maradona?? why he is doing this with argentina?? he is totally out of his mind. if it continues then in coming days we’ll be seeing maradona playing himself!!!! he was my hero but not anymore. he really destroy argentina and by doing these activities he’ll surely destroy argentina completely

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