Higuain on playing for France

Gonzalo Higuain is apparently not ruling out the possibility of playing for the French national team.

In an interview with the French magazine So Foot, Higuain said “You never know” in response to being asked if he would like to represent the French national team in the 2010 world cup.

Higuain was asked if he would accept playing for the French national team if Maradona continued to ignore him.

Higuain replied:

“It is gratifying that the French national team manager is interested in me and the French team is a world power, so you never know.”

Higuain also said:

“I work hard every day so that Maradona can call me up. I want to play in the 2010 world cup. I do not lose all hope even though I don’t really know why he continues to forget about me in his call ups.”

“There are rumors that I’m not interested in the Argentina shirt but it is completely false. It is one of my dreams.”

Is Argentina about to lose one of its best forwards in the world?

Is Maradona driving Higuain away to the French national team?

Is Higuain wrong for considering playing for France?


El Pipita Higuaín no le cierra la puerta a Francia

“Nunca se sabe”, contestó el Pipita cuando le preguntaron si le gustaría representar al país galo en Sudáfrica 2010; también confesó su sueño: “Trabajo duro todos los días para que Maradona me convoque”

PARIS, Francia (EFE).- El jugador franco-argentino de Real Madrid Gonzalo Higuaín aseguró que sueña con jugar el próximo Mundial de Sudáfrica con Argentina, pero no le cerró la puerta a Francia si el seleccionador albiceleste, Diego Armando Maradona, sigue sin convocarlo.

“Hay rumores que dicen que no me atrae la camiseta albiceleste, pero es completamente falso. Es uno de mis sueños”, aseguró el delantero merengue en una entrevista publicada hoy en la edición digital de la revista gala “So Foot”.

El jugador, que tiene un pasaporte francés porque nació en la localidad bretona de Brest, donde jugaba su padre, decidió en 2007 optar por la selección argentina y rechazó la convocatoria del técnico francés, Raymond Domenech, por una cuestión de “sentimientos”.

“Trabajo duro todos los días para que Maradona me convoque. Quiero disputar el Mundial de 2010 y no pierdo completamente la esperanza, aunque no sé realmente por qué continúa olvidándome en sus convocatorias”, indicó el jugador de 21 años.

Preguntado sobre si podría aceptar vestirse con la casaca francesa si Maradona continua ignorándole, el delantero aseguró que “es gratificante” que el técnico galo se interese por él y que “el equipo de Francia es una potencia mundial” por lo que “nunca se sabe”.

Higuaín rivaliza por la delantera argentina con Sergio “Kun” Aguero (Atlético de Madrid, yerno de Maradona), Diego Milito (Inter) y Carlos Tevez (Manchester City).

8 Responses to Higuain on playing for France

  1. Chris says:

    Anyone think this is true ???
    I sure hope not. I read in a article last year that his dream and wish is to play for our Seleccion,
    i really hope this guy doesn’t change his mind.
    and i hope maradona really considers it now.

  2. John says:

    This is a travesty. Higuain does not even speak French, and left there when he was 10 months old. I understand where he is coming from though. It is every player’s dream to play in the World Cup. It has already been stated that Maradona will coach the 2011 Copa America, so Higuain is looking at not playing International Football until late 2011 at the earliest! I blame only Maradona in this situation. I cannot understand what is going through his mind…How is Tevez on this team and not Pipita? I still think Aguero will come through for the NT, and he and Messi have proven they link up well. As for Tevez, I think he has had his chances for the National Team and has done nothing since the 2004 Copa America. Higuain, Messi, and Aguero would be the way to Argentina to line up. I think Higuain is a better player than Benzema and this season at Real Madrid will prove it.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I don’t doubt that Higuain is considering France as a Plan B.

    It’ll be a real shame if Argentina loses a player like Higuain forever just because of the biases of the current national team manager.

    Maradona will not be the manager forever. Higuain is 21 years old.

    What should he do?

    Sit out the 2010 World Cup and wait for an opportunity from a new Argentina manager, whenever that may be.


    Play for France and be a part of the 2010 World Cup and many others after that.

    Higuain’s in a difficult situation.

    Should he just accept being snubbed by Maradona?

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona said recently that he was not going to continue using 3 forwards in the lineup and that he was going make a change and seriously consider having a centerforward and Messi upfront.

    Ok then, if Maradona makes that change in the lineup and still does not call up Higuain then it is safe to assume that he will never callup Higuain as long as he is the national team manager.

    Tevez & Aguero’s performances with the national team have not been good. Milito either.

    All of these players have been given opportunities to play.

    Argentina is struggling to score goals.

    Higuain can’t even receive a callup?

  5. utsav says:

    i dont know what to say? from my childhood i have heard that argentinians are mad about soccers and they can do anything for their teams.so being argentinian fan i too have lots of passion for argentinian team,bt why cant anyone see that maradona completely wants to destroy argentinian team.if no one can do anything, there are argentinian public who can pressurized AFA and just throw out that stupid maradona.can no one raise voice agains’t maradona or what? is argentinian team is property or what? ya he have given us one world cup but it doesn’t mean he will take away another world cup. in my opinion if argentina wants to win matches and win tournments then they should kick out maradona and to do that argentinian public must raise their voice because thay are the one who can do that.

  6. Humbird says:

    For some reason, I have been thinking alot lately that Argentina needs a non-Argentinian coach. Someone totally unbiased about players, does not pick favorites, and whose only concern is winning.

  7. John says:

    That is a really good point. England ran into that with Steve McClaren who was buddy budy with alot of the lads calling them “stevie g” and “jt” and what not. When Capello came in, it all changed. It most also be very disconcerting to the players that aren’t in Maradona’s posse. Zanetti for example-It is common place for players to lose a captaincy with a coaching change, but the fact that Heinze and Veron wore the armband against Ecuador is blatant disrespect of a guy who has been such a servant, and has over 130 caps. I mean Maradona pretty much forced Masch to be his captain…I wonder what Pupi was thinking when Masch was telling the press “we already have a captain in Zanetti, I’m not comfortable being in that roll.” Then Maradona comes out and says “no I will force him to do it.” Meanwhile, Capello went into the England team and rotated the armband between gerrard and terry before ultimately deciding on the chelsea man as his permanent captain. I know the captaincy is far more important in English footy than it is in Argentina, but if that ordeal wasn’t an indication that Maradona was going to play favorites, I don’t know what is.

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I would not be against the idea of the national team being managed by a non-Argentinian.

    However, because of the football culture being what it is in Argentina and because of nationalist tendencies that always finds its way in foootball and unfortunately, it is very strong in Argentina, I just don’t think that the hiring of a non-Argentinian manager will ever happen.

    All managers have their biases but Maradona has really gotten out of hand with his.

    The national team is supposed to be the best of the best. The elite.

    That’s obviously not the case with Maradona.

    The team is struggling the most on defense and in goal scoring but Maradona continues to use the same players and refuses to call up the many outstanding defenders and forwards that are available to him.

    And then there are Maradona’s Boca biases, clear for everyone to see.

    In the latest list he calls up Burdisso, Daniel Diaz, Battaglia, Datolo, and an injured Tevez.

    Maradona even said that he will be calling up Martin Palermo soon.

    Maradona’s callups are not serious and it is the national team that is being harmed by his absurd choices of players.

    As the saying goes, there are none blinder than those who refuse to see.

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