Questions about Gonzalo Higuain

I ask the following:

1. Should being a Real Madrid player guarantee a spot on the national team?

2. Is Higuain the “in the box” type forward that Argentina needs?

3. Does Argentina need an “in the box” type forward?

4. Can Higuain & Messi play together? Are they compatible?

5. Have all the other forwards called up so far by Maradona done more to earn a spot on the national team than Higuain?

6. Was Tevez & Aguero’s form with their club teams better than Higuain’s during the 2008/09 season?

7. Are there non football reasons that are keeping Higuain out of the national team?

8. Should Higuain get called up to the national team?


2 Responses to Questions about Gonzalo Higuain

  1. Chris says:

    2.YES, Higuain is a kind of Forward with power, speed, and can strike from Anywhere !
    3.YES, we need a 9 (batistuta) kind of player,I believe Higuain can do the job.
    4.Im sure they can.. Messi can feed him the balls in the area.
    5.I feel only Messi and Tevez deserve the spots.. Milito does nothing for the national team, never scores a goal, only for Genoa. and Aguero is a great player, but i feel like he lacks at times.
    6.NO, although Higuain was a sub, he still scored more and better goals.
    7.I wish we knew, this guys deserves a chance.. he’s hungry for the position and the ball.
    8. DEFINITELY!!!!! my formation : Andujar, Zanetti,Zabaleta,Demichelis,Papa, Masche,Gago,Veron,Tevez, Messi, Higuain.

    What do you think ????

  2. Jack Tilghman says:

    1. No, but I don’t think the leading goalscorer for Real Madrid has ever been left out of a national team before. (raul wasn’t the leading scorer when Aragones didn’t take him to euro 2008)
    2. YES
    3. YES
    4. YES- look at how well Pipita plays with Arjen Robben at madrid.
    5. No, Tevez scored all his goals in the Carling Cup this season, and he is horrible for the NT.
    6. No, I remember when Tevez asked el coco basile not to bring him to the us tour and to the qualifiers one of which was against Brasil, bc he was tired. if tevez can skip a brasil match, than higuain should not be punished for missing an U20 tournament that argentina won any way.
    7. Yes, as i said about, he skipped Canada 2007. I think the fact that he played for River doesn’t help. It may be that he could have played for France also, even though he was only born there b/c is dad was playing in Brest and he left the country when he was 10 months. He also doesn’t speak a word of french which makes me think that there is no way he would have played for france.
    8. YES! my formation: Andujar, Zabaleta, Gonzalo, Garay, Papa, Maxi, Masch, Cambiaso, messi, aguero higuain. keep tevez out of the team he doesn’t score enough goals to be emplyed as a forward

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