Millions in Argentine transfers

Argentine players continue to be sought after in Europe.

More than 200 million dollars have been spent, so far, this summer by European clubs in transfers involving Argentine players.

And there’s still a month left before the transfer market window closes.

Here’s the list of top Argentine transfers in Europe this year:

1. Carlos Tevez to Manchester City – $49,000.000

2. Lucho Gonzalez to Olympique Marseille – $39,200.000

3. Diego Milito to Inter Milan – $34,900.000

4. Lisandro Lopez to Lyon – $33,600.000

5. Javier Pastore to Palermo – $8,000.000

6. Hugo Campagnaro to Napoli – $7,200.000

7. Javier Saviola to Benfica – $6,900.000

8. Fernando Belluschi to Porto – $6,700.000

9. Franco Zuculini to Hoffenheim – $6,500.000

10. Rodrigo Palacio to Genoa – $6,200.000

11. Raul Bobadilla to Borussia Mönchengladbach – $5,900.000

12. Leandro Caruso to Udinese – $5,500.000

13. Nicolas Bertolo to Palermo – $5,000.000


One Response to Millions in Argentine transfers

  1. Humbird says:

    That must be about half of the total Argentina GNP.

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