Aguero to leave Atletico?

The Atletico de Madrid president has been very clear in his statements regarding a possible Aguero transfer saying that there will be no transfer and that Aguero is not for sale.

But, I was watching Aguero being interviewed last night on Fox Sports and everything he said went against what his club’s president has expressed.

Aguero said last night that he would definitely consider a transfer to a big European team, that he would like to join a team that would be competing for league titles & Cups.

Aguero said that the important thing for him was winning titles.

That last remark can be easily taken to mean that Aguero’s frustrated with his career so far in Atletico because of the team’s inability to win the Spanish League & not participating in the Champions League.

Aguero is clearly not on the same page as his team in regards to a transfer.

Manchester United is the latest “big team” to be interested in Aguero.

Will Aguero leave Atletico this summer?


2 Responses to Aguero to leave Atletico?

  1. jack says:

    I think it would be poor for Kun to go to United. Although Aguero is a great goalscorer, I do not think he would be as successful in England. I would like to see him stay with Atletico because I think that club can achieve more than they have. If he is to leave, I would hope it is to Barcelona so he can link up with Pulga. I’m sure his father in law will tell him not to play with “the old man” as Diego and Tevez call Sir Alex Ferguson.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree. I don’t think that Manchester United & playing in England would be the best option for Aguero.

    I think he should stay in Spain but I don’t really see him winning anything with Atletico. At least, not right now.

    Barcelona would be a really good team for him.

    Besides linking up with Messi, Aguero would fit in nicely within Barca’s system & the style of football that they play.

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