Liverpool makes offer for Saviola


Finally back online after a busy week moving to a new house.

Unfortunately, Argentina lost another WC qualifying game. More on that later.

Now on to some recent transfer news/rumors:

According to, Liverpool has made an offer of six million euros for Real Madrid forward Javier Saviola.

Poor Saviola, he just can’t settle in with any team for too long. It seems that he is just not destined to have a stable career.

Ever since he exploded on the football scene with River Plate it appeared that he was on his way to a great career.

It hasn’t happened yet and the years are passing by.

I’m not sure that the Premier League would suit him but sitting on the bench in Madrid can’t be very appealing to him either.

Will Saviola be heading to yet another new team?


Liverpool ofrece seis millones de euros por Javier Saviola

El club inglés Liverpool FC hizo una oferta al Real Madrid de seis millones de euros por el pase del delantero argentino Javier Pedro Saviola, de 27 años.

La página web “” aseguró que el Liverpool, dirigido por el español “Rafa” Benítez considera a Saviola, quien desde hace tiempo en el Real Madrid no es considerado como titular, como el acompañante ideal de Fernando “el Niño” Torres, en el ataque del Liverpool.

Saviola jugó en River Plate, Barcelona FC y Sevilla y con un corto paso por el AS Mónaco, de Francia.


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