Official: Messi will play against Ecuador


Ole is confirming what was published earlier today by their newspaper.

So, Messi will play tomorrow afterall.

This move is perhaps Maradona’s response to the Ecuador team as several of their players have been engaging in a good amount of trash talk about Messi and the national team, saying that Messi is scared to play in the high altitude and that Argentina will not attack their team and will mostly defend their end of the field.

Then again, Maradona might not be focused on those comments made by the Ecuador players and is instead thinking of his team and figuring that the chances of Messi receiving a yellow card in tomorrow’s game are low and that having him in the starting lineup is a risk worth taking because of the importance of tomorrow’s game as far as the points at stake and the positioning in the standings.

If Argentina wins tomorrow that means that they’ll be 8 points ahead of Ecuador in the WC Qualifying standings.

If Argentina loses then they’ll only be 2 points ahead of Ecuador.

And as far as the game against Brasil, the reality is that the game is three months away. That game will also not have a significant impact in the standings as Brasil is currently in first place and close to clinching a spot in the WC.

So, if Messi does pickup a yellow card against Ecuador and is suspended for the Brasil game, I don’t think it’s a disaster for Argentina.

Sure, it’ll be a huge disappointment to not have Messi available for the game but Argentina can still go on without Messi against Brasil.

I think that the move by Maradona to have Messi in the lineup tomorrow indicates that he’s decided that what matters is the game at hand not future games and considering Argentina’s place in the standings right now and the team’s need to accumulate more points to secure a spot in the WC, I think he is making the right decision.

I agree. Let Messi play.

The question now is who will Messi partner with upfront?

According to Ole, it will be Tevez.

The newspaper is also reporting that Demichelis & Heinze will be in the starting lineup.

Maradona is right to include all the best players that are available and to go for the win tomorrow.



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