Starting lineup for Colombia game


Another trainining session was held yesterday and Maradona confirmed some of the players that will be in the starting eleven for Saturday’s game.

Mascherano & Gago will continue their tandem in the midfield. Messi, Tevez & Aguero will be upfront.

Maradona said that if Juan Sebastian Veron is fit he will be in the starting lineup and he also said that he has not decided if he will use a backline with 3 or 4 players.

As it appears right now, if Maradona goes with four defenders the lineup might look like this:





But if Maradona goes with three defenders the lineup will most likely change to this:





While it is still early and there could still be some developments before the game, some points to consider:

Most visiting teams in the WC qualifiers do not play an aggresive, attacking style of football against Argentina. There is no reason to think that Colombia will be any different especially with Messi, Tevez and Aguero in the lineup. Also, Colombia will have a very young and untested GK in their lineup.

To me, it doesn’t make much sense to use three defenders in the backline that cannot make attacking runs.

There really is no need for those type of defenders against a team that will most likely play a conservative style of football.

It’ll be better to have a four man backline with fullbacks like Zanetti & Papa that can make attacking runs.

If Veron plays then Maradona might go with a 4-2-1-3 formation with Veron as the playmaker.

After the humiliating loss to Bolivia, Maradona and the players want to redeem themselves and get the WC qualifying campaign back on track.

Maradona, without a doubt, will field a highly aggressive, attacking team.


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