A GK dispute under way?


An interesting development is taking place with the national team GK position.

Juan Pablo Carrizo received the backing of Maradona ever since he took charge of the national team and Carrizo has been the starter in the last five WC qualifiers but it appears that there could be a change in the works.

Maradona made the following comments recently:

“It’s worrisome that Carrizo is not playing. I’ll talk to him about it when he arrives and I’ll clarify things to him.

I’m not one to speak beforehand but a goal keeper loses sensibility when he does not play.”

Then there’s Mariano Andujar, the Estudiantes GK who is arguably the best GK in Argentina at this moment. Andujar has been outstanding not only in the domestic league but also in the Copa Libertadores, with his team currently in the Quarter Finals stage.

This season Carrizo was on the bench for 16 consecutive games but he was the starting GK in Lazio’s last three games of the season.

Carrizo’s form with the national team has been very good, the Bolivia game being the exception but in reality it was an aberration because of the absurdity of having to play in such inhumane conditions in La Paz. It affected him just like it did the entire team. In normal football conditions Bolivia can only dream of putting six goals past Carrizo.

So what will Maradona decide?

Will Carrizo really lose the starting GK spot?

Is it Andujar’s time to get a chance with the national team?

I don’t think Carrizo deserves to lose the starting GK spot. I think he’s done more than enough during the WC qualifiers to show that he should be Argentina’s #1 GK.

Perhaps Maradona will use Carrizo against Colombia and give Andujar a chance to play against Ecuador.

One thing for sure, if Carrizo wants to be the undisputed starting GK he will have to consider leaving Lazio and join a team where he can play every week.

Next season will be crucial for him as it will be a WC year. Carrizo needs to not only play regularly but maintain the good form that he has shown.


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