Messi Interview


In today’s edition of La Nacion an interview with Lio Messi.

Q – The city (Barcelona) is in commotion with the final against Manchester. How are you taking it these days?

M – Calmly. These are days of festivity and of responsibility at the same time.

At times, the days get long. I don’t answer my phone so that people don’t talk to me about the same topic but it’s inevitable. I only answer when its my family. I can’t wait anymore until game day arrives and I hope that we are able to give happiness to the people of Barcelona.

Q – The festivities for winning the league and the King’s Cup had you as one of the main participants. Can you explain to the Argentine people what happened?

M – It was a deserved celebration after winning two titles. The club decided that there had to be a party after the game with Osasuna and the truth is, it was beautiful. When the people were chanting my name and my teammates asked me to take the microphone, my legs were trembling. It’s not easy to speak in front of a Camp Nou filled to capacity. Now there is one more title left and we’ll see what happens.

Q – The Barcelona fans appreciate you because you are from the club’s youth ranks. You are kind of like the face of this Barcelona. Was this your best year?

M – In many regards, this was my best year. I didn’t have to lament any injuries and I was in good form. Because of football, team play and the goals scored. What I want the most is to crown everything with the Champions. I hope to achieve that dream.

Q – Is winning the treble your obsession?

M – It’s everyone’s. At first, we didn’t think of that. It’s like we wanted to go little by little. Now that we have the Cup and La Liga, we’re going for the Champions. It is something to live instensely for and I want to win it.

Q – If that happens, you’d be in the running to be number one. Do you think about it?

M – I don’t think about that. It’s something that you all talk about, the media. It is a game that one does not participate in. I enter the field to play, do the best possible and to see Barcelona win.

Q – How many times have you been asked about the duel with Cristiano Ronaldo?

M – Two hundred thousand times and I think I’m coming up short. So, I hope that you will be original and not ask me.

Q – I wasn’t thinking of doing that….

M – It’s a media matter. There is nothing personal. If after the game him or me win any personal awards, it would just be a bonus. But the important thing is to be the champion and lift the cup.

Q – Do you have a relationship with him?

M – We’ve seen each other very few times, he’s a great player, that can win a game at any moment, he has alot of talent and has an impressive long distance kick, he’s complete. Just like his team, he likes to play with the ball on the ground and is fast in the counter attacks.

Q – How do you think the Argentine fan will take the game?

M – I don’t know, on one side, there’ll be me and on the other, Carlitos (Tevez). I think they’ll root for both of us. I really don’t know. The way that Barcelona plays put alot of people on our side.

I know, because I talk to people that are over there, that admire us and respect us because of what we’ve done all year long. But what Manchester has done is incredible and should be recognized.

Q – The quality of Barcelona’s football is an extra plus?

M – The football that we are playing could make this an unforgettable year. But when the time comes to play a game like this what happened beforehand does not carry any weight. There are no favorites. In front of us we’ll have a tough rival, that plays at a great level. I like how they play. I enjoy watching them especially when Carlitos plays.

Q – Did you talk to Tevez? How do you view his present in Manchester United?

M – I didn’t get a chance to, but I find it hard to understand why there are doubts whether he will continue or not in Manchester. I don’t really understand what is happening. He is one of the best forwards in the world and I don’t know why he is not a starter. This past season, it was seen everything that he is capable of doing and the importance that his goals had.


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