Argentina-Panama Goals

Yes, it was a friendly and yes, it was against Panama but there were outstanding goals and there was some high level performances in the game.

San Lorenzo’s Gonzalo Bergessio and Huracan’s Matías Defederico stood out.

Not to make more out of it then it deserves but it was a good win for the team and we got to see several players that might get more chances to wear the Argentina shirt.


2 Responses to Argentina-Panama Goals

  1. Borracho says:

    Nice to see Gonzalo Bergessio play as good as he did for the Nats. Even better to see him rebound from his dismal performance against Chile a few months back.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It really is good news to see that there is another goal scorer coming along with the national team but I really don’t see Bergessio as someone who will be in the starting lineup any time soon.

    A team can never have too many goal scorers and fortunately Argentina is currently loaded with them.

    I’m still waiting and hopeful that Higuain will get a callup.

    BTW, thanks very much for your kind words about the blog in the Xtra Time forum.

    I really aprreciate it.

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