Demichelis Interview

In today’s Ole an interview with Martín Demichelis.

Q – Did it surprise you to be one of the three overage players that are going to the Olympic Games?

D – Before anything it was a great satisfaction. And a little surprising too. To be called up to the national team is fantastic and in this case it is special because there was a large number of players over 23 years of age that could’ve been called up and to be one of the three gratifies me. That’s why I thanked Checho (U-23 manager) for his trust and I put myself at the disposition of this project.

Q – At your disposition despite Bayern’s decision to not cede any of its players for the Olympics?

D – For me it is impossible not to go to a national team, especially after being chosen among so many players.

Q – You’ll have to explain that to Rummenigge, who is protected by the right of the club to not have the obligation to cede players for those types of competitions.

D – Sometimes things can be exaggerated or interpreted wrongly. I’ve already discussed it with him and told him that I could not be thankful, satisfied and proud about the callup. But my head is with the club, in the Bundesliga and UEFA Cup. And the Olympics won’t be for another 6 months. That’s how I’m living it. What got me to the national team was my form with Bayern.

Q – So, you would talk to Rummenigge again if it was necessary?

D – The conversation I had with him was a healthy one. I have an excellent relationship with the club board and I expect that when it is time to travel to Pekin the situation does not become complicated. But of course I would talk to him again. Anyhow, like I told Checho, if they don’t allow me to go, I’ll escape.

Q – You appear to be confident in getting your way.

D – The situation is that in the middle of the year there’ll be a manager change. Klinsmann will take over on July 1st and the club board wants all of the players to be there so that the new manager and his assistants can have a complete team. Even though, surely, when the time comes he’ll understand each player’s situation.

Q – It’s a little curious coming from Rummenigge, who with Germany was a national team player for many years.

D – That’s because here they don’t feel a national team callup the way we do. They think that to go to the national team is to make money and they don’t understand that what mobilizes us to want to play in any type of friendly in Oceania, Asia or South America, is the pride of wearing that shirt.

Q – Batista must be happy to hear that. Did you already know him?

D – No, and that is why it’s important that someone with so much significance in Argentine football history has trust in me. He is a world champion and I respect and learn alot from those things. I hope that I can reach that level.

Q – That Riquelme asked to be a part of the Olympic team, Is it a message in itself?

D – Yes, that’s why I say that the Argentine player feels a national team callup in a very special way. For me it’s the same. What happened is that I don’t represent Argentine football the way that Roman represents it, and I couldn’t say publicly “I want to be in the Olympic Games”.

Q – To be in a Dream Team, Does it motivate you or pressure you?

D – It motivates. It’s alot easier when there is an abundance of talent. Let’s hope that we can put together a great team and bring another gold medal.

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