Argentina vs Australia – Player List

August 28, 2007

Basile announced the list of 21 players called up for the next international friendly against Australia taking place on September 11th.

Official List

GK – Roberto Abbondanzieri (Getafe)
GK – Oscar Ustari (Getafe)
GK – Sergio Romero (AZ Alkmaar)

D – Daniel Díaz (Getafe)
D – Gabriel Heinze (Real Madrid)
D – Gabriel Milito (Barcelona)
D – Nicolás Burdisso (Inter Milan)
D – Javier Zanetti (Inter Milan)
D – Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo La Coruña)
D – Jonás Gutiérrez (Mallorca)

M – Fernando Gago (Real Madrid)
M – Maximiliano Rodríguez (Atlético de Madrid)
M – Javier Mascherano (Liverpool)
M – Martin Demichelis (Bayern Munich)
M – Cristian Ledesma (Olympiakos)
M – Federico Insúa (América)

F – Javier Saviola (Real Madrid)
F – Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
F – Sergio Agüero (Atlético de Madrid)
F – Hernan Crespo (Inter Milan)
F – Carlos Tevez (Manchester United)

Basile has decided to bring back Abbondanzieri. Will he be the GK for the WC Qualifiers?

Also Crespo is back with the team.

Demichelis and Aguero are calledup for the first time by Basile. How will Basile use Demichelis? There really isn’t, at least in theory, a spot for him in the central midfield position so will he be used in his old position of central defender?

Insua called up again. Are there really no other playmakers available besides Insua?

Aguero scores in Madrid derby

August 26, 2007

Unfortunately for Aguero and Atletico that was not enough as Real Madrid came back to win 2-1 in the first derby of the season.

Heinze presentation in Real Madrid

August 23, 2007

Heinze’s transfer was for 12 million euros and he signed a 4 year contract with Real Madrid. The official presentation was made earlier today.

Basile Interview

August 22, 2007

In La Nacion today an interview with Argentina manager Alfio Basile.

Q – The press conference after the Copa America left very little. Can we lengthen the analysis you made of the tournament?

B – Argentina won five games and lost one, but it was the main one. Brasil defeated us well but from the start I must say that I liked the way Argentina played. A good base of players was formed but we weren’t able to finish.To win five games by a wide goal margin is not easy. The things we failed in I can not tell you. I keep that to myself.

Q – Do you agree with the idea that Brasil defeated Argentina because of a rigorous system of pressure and counter attack?

B – They already did it but let’s see how they play with stars like Ronaldinho and Kaka. With them they can not play the same way again. They placed all the pressure on us that Argentina had to win no matter what. They defended well, committing alot of fouls but its a tactical way of defending. That’s how in the right moment they scored the goals. They put the game away in the first half and in the second half they defended with ten players in their own half of the field and we weren’t able to enter in anywhere. They won well but they didn’t win the way that the history of Brasil demands. I’ll argue that with anyone.

Q – It’s been alot of years that Argentina has not won anything. Do you have to work that issue differently with the players?

B – No, the players leave right away. When can I work that? You have to understand that: the national team can not train long term, nor does it have alot of time to do so. The players that are based in Argentina can not train long term either because their clubs have the league and international cups during the week.

The training work done on the field is over, let’s finish with that already because there is no time. For the players based in Argentina there is also fewer chances, going against them is that every two days they have to play for something. That’s how it is. We got together for the Copa America and the team played, I repeat, really good.

Enough of lying to the fans. This won’t happen only in the friendlies, it’ll also happen in the world cup qualifiers.

Q – So, it all depends on how the players wake up the day of the game?

B – It’s not so much that. I at least have a system of play and the team plays the way I say. Is that clear? A club team is better prepared tactically than a national team. I’m tired of being told about working with players who are worth 40 million Euros and who have obligations with their club teams that does not permit them to dedicate themselves exclusively to the national team. Whether you like it or not. And whoever wants a change let them put up a mountain of money to buy the players that are in Barcelona, Inter, and other places and bring them to me in Ezeiza.

Q – But before you signed you knew about all these matters.

B – When I signed my contract with AFA they didn’t tell me a fairy tale. I knew how things were and once you’re in charge you have to deal with it. Anyhow, I’m not without hope, or else I would’ve left.

Q – So then, the idea of working with the domestic players failed?

B – You didn’t see how all the injuries during the time we had in Ezeiza hurt the plans? The players get injured because they have to play Sunday and Wednesday. We work with a direct line to the clubs; and even, if we have to travel to talk to the managers of the European clubs, it is done. The players get injured because they play two games per week, Understand?, not because of the national team.

Q – Do you have the base of players set for the WC qualifiers?

B – I’m looking at 44 players, more or less. And with these friendlies I can look at cases like Garay, see how he kicks the ball, how tall he is, how he comes out to defend. It’s useful to see live in action everything that we follow through videos. But to know if he’ll be Ayala’s successor we have to wait, the World Cup is in 2010, but we have to start the qualifiers. I’m looking for players but the base will be the players that were in the Copa America and played so well. But we must improve things because sometimes it is not enough, like what happened to us against Brasil.

Q – It’s clear that you can’t repeat the same setup of the Copa America because Riquelme is not here?

B – There’s no other player like Riquelme. At this moment I can’t make a decision about him because he does not have a club, he doesn’t play, he doesn’t train. If I find a Riquelme I can return to that setup, only if I find one. Anyway, the problem is through where you want to play. The playmaker disappears, everyone plays 4-4-2 but I don’t like it. I want to do it with a playmaker.

Q – Definitively, if he doesn’t find a club he won’t be called up?

B – The player that does not have a club and is not active in competition, How am I going to call him up !!!! If you’re not playing football you can’t be on the national team. Let’s speak clearly. If you’re not playing for the 3 points and have the pressure to win for your club, How are you going to play for the national team?. Unless you’re a superstar, I can’t wait on anyone.

Q – And since you don’t have Riquelme. Will you use 3 forwards against Norway?

B – And because Messi is a little bit of everything, a little bit of a right winger, a little bit of a forward and a little bit of a playmaker, he plays all over the field and you can’t contain him, he’s a superstar in the making. Obviously, we have to see how he evolves during his career. Only time has the final answers…….Patience.

Heinze signs with Real Madrid

August 22, 2007

It looks like a quick and happy ending for Heinze who won’t be returning to Manchester afterall. Real Madrid is paying 12 million Euros for the transfer.

Another Argentina player joining Real Madrid.


Heinze reforzará la banda izquierda del Madrid

Según informa el diario Marca en su edición del miércoles, el argentino Gabriel Iván Heinze está a punto de recalar en el Real Madrid para reforzar el lateral izquierdo. La entidad madridista ha llegado a un principio de acuerdo con el Manchester United para hacerse con los servicios del defensa argentino. Ramón Calderón tendría que abonar en torno a los doce millones de euros para que el zaguero llegase a la capital de España y parece dispuesto a ello. La zona izquierda de la defensa madridista es una de las zonas más débiles del conjunto blanco y Schuster así se lo hizo saber a Calderón y a Mijatovic en la reunión de emergencia que tuvieron el lunes. La reacción ha sido fulminante.

Ferguson no cuenta con Heinze y el argentino ha estado luchando por salir de Old Trafford en dirección a Liverpool todo el verano, acudiendo incluso a los tribunales. Sin embargo, los jueces no le han dado la razón al argentino y el defensa ve la opción del Real Madrid como una salida perfecta a su situación. También el Olympique de Lyon se ha interesado en las últimas horas por Heinze, pero el Real Madrid ha estado más rápido y se ha adelantado a los franceses.

Starting lineup against Norway

August 21, 2007

Basile announced the starting eleven for tomorrow’s friendly against Norway.

Starting Lineup

GK – Oscar Ustari (Getafe)

D – Javier Zanetti (Inter Milan)
D – Ezequiel Garay (Racing de Santander)
D – Nicolas Burdisso (Inter Milan)
D – Gabriel Milito (Barcelona)

M – Luis Gonzalez (Porto)
M – Javier Mascherano (Liverpool)
M – Maxi Rodriguez (Atletico de Madrid)

F – Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
F – Diego Milito (Real Zaragoza)
F – Ezequiel Lavezzi (Napoli)

Heinze loses Liverpool transfer bid

August 21, 2007

Tough break for Heinze. What’s going to happen to him now that he has to return to Manchester? Will he be welcomed back with open arms?

Heinze loses Anfield transfer bid

‘The letter did not create an obligation or binding agreement for the club to transfer the player to any particular club’

Staff and agencies
Tuesday August 21, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

A Premier League panel today dismissed Gabriel Heinze’s attempts to leave Manchester United for Liverpool, upholding his current employers’ claims that they had only agreed to a transfer abroad.

Heinze contended that he should be allowed to become the first player to move from United to Anfield since Phil Chisnall in 1964, after the Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez had matched United’s requested transfer fee. However, the panel decided that a letter, signed by Manchester United’s chief executive David Gill, confirming that United would be willing to sell Heinze for £6.8m, did not constitute a definitive undertaking to sell the player.

“The hearing concluded that nature and intention of the disputed June 13 2007 letter, especially when taken in context of verbal discussions and Manchester United’s transfer policy, was unambiguous in that it envisages only an international transfer,” read a Premier League statement. “Furthermore the hearing finds the letter constitutes an ‘agreement to agree’, and did not create an obligation or binding agreement for the club to transfer the player to any particular club.

“In other words the letter is evidence of an intention to negotiate, both between the parties and with potential buying clubs, and not evidence of any intention to create legal relations.”

Heinze does have the right to appeal to the Premier League appeals committee, which is made up of an independent, legally-qualified chairman, a member of the Premier League panel and a PFA appointee. Understandably, the decision has delighted United, who were represented by both manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Gill at the hearing in London.