Messi: “I wanted to play the Final against Brasil”

In today’s Clarín a brief interview with Leo Messi.

“I said it before; I wanted to play the Copa América final against Brasil. Fortunately, it’s happened. I’ve been eager to play against them since the 3-0 loss to them last September in Wembley. I have still not been able to forget about that game.”

Q – And what do you think of playing a game like that and in a Final?

M – To play against Brasil is always different. In the youth teams I won more than I lost, in the senior team it has not gone as well but every game against them is special.

Q – It’s clear that Argentina is in better form?

M – Maybe, but Brasil always has great players and its the same with us. All finals are different, as are all the Clásicos. And this game combines both things. Being in good form beforehand has little to do with it but I hope that we are the ones that take the Copa.

Q – What has changed since that game against Brasil in England to this Copa so that the same result does not repeat?

M – First thing is that there are alot of different players but we basically now know Basile better. We understand what he wants alot easier, no matter how he simplifies everything. We are doing well and do not want to stumble right now.

Q – Imagine that before the Brasil game you are told that the team will be champions but that you will have to deal with, like after the Peru game, another girl jumping down from the stands so that she can be close to you…….

M – Noooo, stop that. It was incredible. I made hand gestures, telling her not to jump down but she still ended up jumping anyway. I swear I did not know what to do, she almost killed herself, and on top of that, they removed her out of there in a hurry and they didn’t even check to see if she was alright or not.

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