More on Argentina-USA

The first game and first win out of the way. The game last night left much to talk about.

A weak football display. The team won 4-1 not because of what it was able to do throughout the 90 minutes but thanks to a couple of inspired moments by some gifted players who like the whole team, can and must do better.

It might be a rushed judgment after only one game but I still think that the Veron/Riquelme playmaker tandem is not going to work. I thought it was clear to see that with Veron on the field Riquelme struggled to find the ball, struggled with his positioning on the field, struggled to set his own pace, and struggled with the most important part: distributing the ball and imposing his football. With Veron controlling the ball, Riquelme is taken out of his game and can not give the team what he is capable of giving.

It has to be either Veron and Riquelme as playmaker and neither played well enough against USA for a case to be made for either one.

The GK and the backline were not seriously tested by the USA so it’s not possible to talk in depth about their performance.

Crespo continues to score goals when he is needed to and Messi began to play better once he moved to the left side and started to link up with Aimar. That was part of the problem in the first half, he was too isolated and even when he moved around to find a teammate to combine with, there was none.

However, there is no denying what an extraordinary player he is, he was not having a good game but a couple of inspired moments by him and GAME OVER. The best is yet to come from Messi and that is alot to look forward to.

I think that the most pressing issue at hand with the team is the midfield and the inclusion of Tevez in the lineup. Basile should reconfigure the team but will he? Aimar confirmed on the field what he has been showing in the practices. Aimar brought some much need explosion and gave clarity in the midst of all the confusion and he showed once again that he can form an ideal partnership with Messi.

Tevez came off the bench within minutes to score a fantastic goal and make it well known that he in great form and ready to go.

Where should the changes be made?

A change to look like this:





or a change like this:






There is very little time left before the next opponent, Colombia, but enough time to make some necessary changes.

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