Player Reactions (Argentina-USA)

The players comments after last night’s win.


“The field conditions were complicated and in the beginning it became difficult for us to control the ball because they closed in well on defense. I leave satisfied because most of all we wanted to win the first game.”


“It became complicated for us with the penalty that was scored so early, but after that we did not get desperate and we were able to turn it around without problems.


“We knew that they would stay back defending, like they did in the first half but fortunately we did not lose our calm and were able to overcome that.


“I am happy and satisfied with what we did despite how difficult it was with the hot weather that was suffocating on the field. I don’t care how many goals I could’ve scored. The positive thing was that Argentina won and played well. It was necessary to start with a good goal difference and fortunately we got it.”


“In the first half we looked for our game but we couldn’t reach the goal with clarity although once we scored the second goal they opened up and it became easier. Being an Argentine gives you the advantage of playing with great footballers and to be in the starting eleven is not easy, that why when I come off the bench I give the best I have so it gives options to my teammates.”


“We knew that USA would be a difficult rival because they stay back and do not allow you to play. But we figured it out and ended up with a valuable win. We know that we can always improve and hopefully in the next game we’ll continue on the winning track. I get along well with Crespo despite the things that are being said. I would like for Hernan to be the top goal scorer in the Copa America.”

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