Argentina vs USA – Game Commentary


After an electrifying start with Messi, Veron and Riquelme moving close to each other, making short passes back and forth, opening things up, playing our game, our football, and then the USA got a penalty that they converted and the team fell flat.

Veron dropped deep to take control of the ball but was not effective with his passing and gave the ball away too many times. Riquelme moved around alot but did not have as much contact with the ball as he’s used to and when that happens he is not a factor and when he did have the ball he did very little, also ineffective with his passing and at other times making passes that did not help the play buildup.

At least in the first half, with both in the lineup, the team does not have a playmaker, with both in the lineup there is more confusion and errors than football.

The team controlled possession of the ball for the most part but did absolutely nothing with it.

Heinze needs to stay back because his attacking runs do not lead to anything.

A terrible first half for Argentina. It can’t get any worse. I really hope not.



A great result, obviously, but with very little football.

The team did not play well. Veron and Riquelme can not be in the lineup together. It’s either one or the other. Veron improved somewhat in the second half, playing mostly from a deep position and improving with his passing, connecting more consistently with long passes on the ground and in the air, his trademark. It wasn’t a great performance by him though, not even close. Riquelme was not a factor most of the game, though he did make a fine pass (the only one all game) on Tevez’s goal. If Riquelme does not control the ball, he becomes a ghost on the field.

Messi improved in the second half when he moved to the left side and showed why he has to be in the lineup: at any moment, in a second, he can change a game, he can win a game for the team. That said, he will have to play much better in the upcoming games.

Crespo scored 2 goals and showed alot of mobility, even playing out wide at times. Excellent performance.

Mascherano was the teams best player, a great game by him, though not seriously tested, he was superb with his marking.

Tevez came in and immediately scored a fantastic goal, making a great run along with a great finish. Tevez can’t stay on the bench. Will Basile make room for him in the lineup?

Aimar scored a brilliant goal but he needs to play closer to the forwards not as close to the midfield to be effective.

The backline was not tested too much.

The team controlled possession of the ball and played along to its own rhythm but showed very little in the way of football, despite the result.

Tonight, all it took was a few great individual plays that led to the goals. Argentina will have to do alot more than that against the tougher opponents that are coming next.

Lastly, Basile needs to make a change in the lineup. Either Veron or Riquelme will have to go to the bench and Tevez has to fit in somehow, he has to be in the starting eleven.

It is late.

To be continued tomorrow……………

2 Responses to Argentina vs USA – Game Commentary

  1. cambiasso's razor says:

    Agree that the football was not pretty but its difficult to face a 9 man front for 3/4 game. Veron was an odd choice tonight since the speed in the middle is non-existent. I was shocked how quiet Cambiasso played – Milito had more touches in the middle.

    I still like Tevez and Aimar as subs to spark the team, but Veron just can’t fill the bill. Perhaps Crespo and D. Milito/Tevez can play together and keep Messi back slightly ? Cambiasso/Riquelme/Aimar/Mascherano would hold down the middle. This seemed to be the best potential WC lineup too.

    Agree that Heinze is the worst ‘runner’ since Burdisso…Curious why Lucho doesn’t play more when Argentina faces physical teams.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right about USA defending with just about everyone and about Cambiasso, he really wasn’t as involved as he should’ve been.
    I actually think that Veron played a little bit better in the 2nd half but not enough to say he was outstanding. However, Riquelme played just as bad if not worse. With Veron in the lineup Riquelme loses out, he’s not around the ball as much, doesn’t control it as much, and as we saw last night when he does get to the ball, he makes passes that don’t lead to anything and most of the plays that he made were insignificant, and that was Riquelme’s performance last night – insignificant.
    I don’t think that Tevez should be on the bench, he is at this moment Argentina’s best forward, he needs to be in the starting eleven.

    As far as Lucho he will have a tough time getting into the lineup. The team is loaded with talented players. It’s a problem for Basile because I think that he will definitely have to reconfigure the team.

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